Friday Favorites!

Yay, for Friday! I hope all of you had a nice week and enjoy this weekend and the Superbowl {for those watching it}. Here are some things that made me smile this week.



{I just love looking at all the buildings on Delaware Ave.}


{Downtown, Buffalo}


{Prepping for my 30th Birthday Bash. I’m trying to “embrace” turning 30 this year}


{Sometimes I wish my real life could be a fairytale.}



{ A local pizza place on Grand Island that I’d like to check out. Why you ask, because of the comic book café! Say Cheese! Pizza Company}


{Another place to add to the thriving “Beer Boom” in Buffalo… the World of Beer {based in Florida} announced they will be opening a location at the Walden Galleria Mall}


{An event I wish I could attend this coming Saturday at Larkinville – the Ice Festival. Offering a variety of activities for friends and family!}

A Saturday Morning Well Spent!


Over the last couple of years I’ve grown more “in love” with farmers markets in the area. Being that we live in Buffalo and it would be difficult to hold one during the winter, outside, I have had on my list of places to go, The Winter Market at Horsefeathers. What an awesome place! A couple weeks back my Dad and I took a drive down to Connecticut St to experience the indoor market. From fresh eggs at Prudom Farms to delicious pierogi and polish sausage from Betty Crockski. Maybe its the unique building and the unique concept of bringing local farmers and vendors {like The Public, Lockhouse Distillery and Public Espresso} inside each week that make it a neat place to check out, I’m not sure, but its definitely a place to go on a Saturday.

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{Green Heron Growers}

The Broadway Market

IMG_3596 Growing up on Fillmore Ave, the Broadway Market has been a permanent staple in my life since I was a child. While it was more of a “booming” neighborhood when I was younger, now it is only a hot spot to go during the Easter season. People {I lose that word loosely} are scared or have a bad perception of the area where the market stands in their head. While I will agree that the neighborhood has deteriorated as I’ve gotten older, the market still has a lot to offer.

The last few weeks I visited the market to pick up some essentials, such as meat from Lupus Meats and homemade pierogi’s from Pott’s Deli. Not only are these staples that have stood still at the market for years, there are also wineries that offer wine sampling, Gridlock Lacquer offering handmade nail polish for sale and Hands and Paws Cookie and Treats that offer doggie treats for man’s best friend. There are also a handful of other local stands that sell seasonings, baked goods and misc. items.

Its sad to see what I think is a staple in Buffalo, falling apart and not being able to get the funding it needs to replace the roof or fix the cracks in the floor. Sometimes you need to put a little more into a building than just a coat of paint. I think the City of Buffalo should put more than just a few hours of their time into this Buffalo staple and market the Broadway Market as a place to go throughout the year and not just at Easter time…

Its great to see all the great things happening down at Canalside, but in my opinion there are other areas we should focus are attention on as well and not just half ass it {excuse my language}. The Broadway Market is just a short trip away and my hope is that people can see the life that it still has and what it could be if it just got a little more TLC.

Broadway Market on Facebook and Twitter.



{Those are some big pickles!}


{A look inside the market}


{They have plenty of horseradish if you need any}

Friday Favorites!


{I’m looking at you}

This past week has been a crappy one for me to be honest. I’ve been in a funk and just can’t seem to get out of it. I don’t know if others go through times when they just need to “refocus” and reprioritize their goals, but that’s where I’m at right now and its frustrating. Even though I haven’t been in the best of moods, Tuesday I spent my afternoon at the Zoo helping put auction items together for their upcoming Polar Bites event. I took a break to go see Tiberius, the new male lion, but the two females were out instead and let me tell you they scared me a little {look at the picture above}. It’s childish for an almost 30 year old to say this, but just being at the Zoo for a little bit this week took my mind off of things I just didn’t want to think about. I  think its important when you are in a funk, to go out and do something you enjoy, whatever it is, because sometimes you just need to get away and enjoy some fresh air.

Until next week! Have a great weekend!



{Just hanging out on a Tuesday afternoon}

pic 1

{Walking into the zoo, one of the first animal I saw was this Monkey}

e. sq building

{The beautiful Ellicott Square Building}



A place that has been popping up on my social media list has been Bally Hoo. Located at 211 S. Park Ave in Buffalo. They don’t have a website site or FB page, but from the pictures their drinks look good and its definitely a spot I want to check out!




Blue Table Chocolates, a vendor at the Winter Market at Horsefeathers, puts a unique twist on chocolates. Offering a range of flavors that high end chocolate can offer, they do custom orders and much more. Check Ben’s business out!







Sticking with the caffeine trend and calling all coffee lovers, a new favorite place of mine is Public Espresso, a small batch roaster in Buffalo, NY. You can find their coffee at a variety of places in WNY {click here for the list}.







Across the border on Niagara on the Lake is Chateau Des Charmes, a winery that I’m planning to pay a visit to at the end of next month. What wins me over outside of the great customer service, is their support of local non profits. I can’t wait to taste the wine!

{Women Who Move Buffalo} Katie Jordan at the Buffalo Zoo


This week’s Woman Who Moves Buffalo is person who is not only a colleague of mine, she is a friend and mentor and overall wonderful person, her name is Katie Jordan. Katie is the Senior Events Director at the Buffalo Zoo and not only shares a passion for animals, but she loves Buffalo!

Katie graduated from New York University in 2008 with a bachelor degree in Media, Culture and Communications.  She didn’t really have a clear idea of what she wanted her career path to be until she started working with a small firm in New York during her senior year. It was made up of two women who had just started an event business in Manhattan. Since it was only a two person company at the time, she was able to really dive into the business and get some great experience out of it. They relied on her to be part of their team and also gave her the creative freedom to bring her own ideas to the table. Through this, she found her path and learned to love being a part of the events world.


Katie has always been someone who looks to better the community and really wanted to come back to Buffalo and use her career to do so. “Non-profit work isn’t glamorous, but the end result is definitely worth it. To see your work benefit someone or something really puts everything into perspective.” To have your work mean something is very important to me. Animal conservation is very important to me, and working for the Buffalo Zoo has given me the opportunity to use my skills and expertise to help a cause I am very close to. I am able to raise funds for the Zoo, while also educating and providing awareness to the Buffalo community about why the Zoo is so important to our city and to the survival of precious species around the World.”


Other than seeing her work mean something, having a job that allows Katie to work closely with some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth is incredible. From being able to feed elephants, getting kissed by a sea lion, working up close with a baby rhino or introducing a baby polar bear to the public, her job is unlike any other and she couldn’t be more grateful for it.  Each day is unique and she never knows what to expect.

When I asked her what she loves about Buffalo this is what she said: “When I moved to New York City, I didn’t expect to come back to Buffalo so soon. After living in Manhattan, I appreciated what I had left in Buffalo right away. Unlike other cities, Buffalo is a place where life long friends can be found on any given day. I’ve learned this first hand and can thank community spirit and friendliness for it. Not only are great things on the horizon for Buffalo as a whole, but more and more people are recognizing that the positives are outweighing the negatives in our city, and that is something to be proud of.”  


So working with the Zoo is a pretty neat gig and has a lot of memorable moments, but for Katie she says, BuffaLoveFest, {which she created in 2013 along with a team of community leaders} would have to be her best event/most proudest moment so far. “We wanted to have an event that celebrated everything we love about our city, at the most unique venue in town, the Buffalo Zoo. I really wanted to take advantage of the “BuffaLove” movement so we gathered a group of popular food trucks, Buffalo themed artisans, Buffalo trivia and more.”  If you’ve attended BuffaLoveFest, you’ve seen tents around the Zoo including a variety of locally crafted beers and entertainment acts (rest in peace Lance Diamond). In it’s inaugural year, this event brought in over 1,800 people and raised more than $30,000 for the Buffalo Zoo. This was above and beyond Katie’s expectations, but once again proved to her that Buffalo is a supportive community. “A lot of hard work, sweat and even some tears went in to this event, but it was all worth it in the end.”  Now Katie and her team are headed into the 3rd annual BuffaLoveFest planning and the event seems to be growing with even more support each year.

Anyone who works in the event business knows that you never stop working. You are always looking for new ideas or trying to make something bigger and better. The events business is demanding since things are always changing and you are always planning ahead and rarely living “in the moment.” Because of this, Katie doesn’t get to attend as many other events or fundraisers run by organizations as she would like. She would love to go out and support more organizations and check out what they are doing because there is some great work out there that she would like to support.

Overall, Katie is a driving force for a lot of events and activities that take place at the zoo. Some of the most popular being Polar Bites {coming up on Feb. 19} and Wines in the Wild {July 22}. If you ever go to the Zoo or attend one of these events and see Katie make sure to stop and say hi to her! Thank you Katie, for letting me share your story and for all that you do  in our community and for Buffalo’s Wildest Place in Town.

{Fun Facts about Katie}

  1. I have coached women’s basketball at Amherst, which is my Alma mater, for 5 seasons.
  2. I started dog sitting over 10 years ago and now “pup-sit” over 30 dogs each year.
  3. I live in North Buffalo with my two rescued cats, Agnes and Arlene.

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