Just A Blonde in Buffalo {Fireworks Guide}


With the 4th of July on Saturday I thought I would compose a list of places I like to go to watch fireworks. Most places have fireworks starting at dusk {9-9:30pm}. Where are some places you like to go to watch fireworks?

July 3rd: 

  • Coca Cola Field – if you’re in the downtown area on Friday night – I’m sure you’ll see these up in the sky
  • Woodlawn Beach in Hamburg
  • Niagara Falls Goat Island

July 4th:

  • Canalside – Fireworks by the water – what can be more better than that!
  • Cheektowaga Town Park
  • Ellicottville {Summer Fest}



Festival/Tour Guide 2015

festival guide 2015

With summer officially here I thought I would put together a list of some upcoming festivals and tours happening around town that you shouldn’t pass up if you have the time. Let’s hope that it starts to feel more like summer as we approach July.









My Friday Favorites!

This week has been pretty nice and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Good luck to everyone participating in the Ride for Roswell this weekend. Here are some of my favorite things from this past week.




hydraulic hearth

{Hydraulic Hearth}

pearl street

{Lunch at Pearl Street}


{A favorite from Savannah Guthrie – its the little things}

Women Who Move Buffalo {Once and For All – Molly Hoeltke}

FullSizeRender (2)

{Molly Hoeltke}

Have you ever met a person that you could be around for a few minutes and already feel motivated to follow your dreams because they are so passionate about theirs? That’s what happened to me when I met Molly Hoeltke from Once and For All (formerly Once Vintage).

I was lucky enough to sit down with Molly last week. Growing up she never thought of working in the Fashion Industry, but as she went through school she studied Business focusing on the Arts. As she grew in her career she learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry through the experiences she had with marketing and film industry. She started styling in films {specifically commercials} six years ago and during her time in Manhattan she met a vintage shop owner and that is when she started to fall in love with the vintage apparel.

She moved back home and through all of the unique experiences she had – she was able to put together her own business and help it grow. In 2011 Once Vintage was created – a clothing line full of repurposing and vintage. After 2 years in – in 2013 she made the transition to wholesale and started Once and For All – a limited wholesale line that can be found online and in boutiques across the United States – specifically 10 boutiques throughout the East Coast.

Molly self-taught herself in pattern making, sewing, manufacturing and selling and everything in between – she basically learned everything she needs to know to make her business work and has given herself a fashion degree while learning on her feet.

Her focus right now is on a line with soft fabrics, twills, blues, blacks and whites – like a west coast, bohemian feel. She is evolving her line into a more mature, yet retro feel with an Indie/Australia vibe with cuts being more versatile and wearable for all sizes. She finds inspiration from some of her favorite designers – Chloe, The Row, Isabel Marant, Mara Hoffman and Cali Brands.

When I asked her what she loves best about Buffalo and why she hasn’t moved out of the area she said because Buffalo is a great place to start a business. It’s an easy lifestyle {except the winter}. There is a supportive community {most of the time}, she has a supportive family and it’s inexpensive to live. She loves going out to her country house in Varysburg on the weekends and often times finds inspiration there.

You can find Molly’s line locally in Modern Nostalgia on Hertel Ave. and Anna Grace on Elmwood Ave.

Once and For All is a very definitive and inclusive name. From a woman who has deep faith, it has personal meaning to her and represents her brand and all different women. I can say from meeting Molly she represents a strong woman, who is passionate and driven all while creating an amazing clothing line and has an amazing future ahead of her. And to have this talent in Buffalo is pretty extraordinary.

Thanks Molly for letting me share your story!

FullSizeRender (1)

{Her Studio}

#BuffaloLinks :: Yoga Edition


Bikram Yoga in Williamsville– classes are offered for all different levels.


One of the best yoga retreats in Buffalo – HEAL BFLO – click here for more information.


Healing Waters in East Aurora – a nice peaceful place for yoga and meditation – a place to go to get a way from the “hustle and bustle” of the city.


Power Yoga Buffalo – not only do the they two locations {one on Main St. in Snyder, the other in the Elmwood Village}. They also put on a number of classes at Canalside and Bidwell during the summer months.

Put Me In The Zoo

One thing I love to do is volunteer and over the last year and a half I have spent some of my volunteer time with the Buffalo Zoo. It is one of my favorite places to go. Not only is it a great place for me to take my niece and nephew, but if I find myself needing to just disconnect with “life” I enjoy walking around the zoo grounds watching the animals.

On Friday I was able to meet up with some Zoo Keepers and ask them a lot of questions in regards to their roles and responsibilities as a Zoo Keeper. It was pretty cool to hear them talk about the animals and the personalities each one of them has. Even with the current construction going on at the Zoo, there are plenty of activities and events taking place and new exhibits to look forward to in the upcoming months.


Here are some of my photos that I took from Friday. We stopped at the Elephant House, Sea Lion Exhibit and Tiger/Lion House.



{Mindy with Jothi and Surapa}


{Dallas the Sea Lion}



My Friday Favorites!

canalside sunset just a blonde in buffalo photo

{I am obsessed with this sunset I was able to capture on my phone Wednesday night down at Canalside. Absolutely beautiful!}

This week has been crazy and I’m happy to say its Friday! While there was some sadness filled in the week with goodbyes, there were also some positive things that took place – like me running my fastest 5k and celebrating two of my really good friends birthdays. With the negative comes the positive and vice versa. I’m looking forward to the weekend and just enjoying the little things around me. I hope you enjoy yours at well!

And if you’re at the Brewer’s Festival tomorrow at Canalside, stop by and say hi! I’ll be at the front table!



{Love these cards from the Allentown Art festival}

allentown just a blonde in buffalo photo

{On the corner of Allen and Main St. are these rocks just plopped on the grass with a sign that says welcome to Allentown – welcoming those who visit the area, especially those who attended the art festival last weekend}

visit buffalo niagara photo - buster bison

{Photo is from Visit Buffalo Niagara’s Instagram – Buster was helping serve lunch on Thursday! #Buffalove15}


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