Jack Craft Fair


A couple weeks ago I attended the Jack Craft Fair at the Central Terminal. Being my second time attending the event, I was looking forward to seeing some of the Etsy shop owners face to face. While sometimes ordering online is nice, I am a fan of shopping face to face and meeting with the owners. Vendors lined the main floor of the Central Terminal with amazing pieces of art, furniture, jewelry and more. There was a live band, a DIY section and food and drink available. Even though it was quite warm inside, the backdrop of the Central Terminal was quite stunning. I’ve been inside that building a number of times and each time I’m there it still amazes me how beautiful of a place it is, its also nice to see it being used for events.

Below are some of my pictures from the event.





{Live band and line up of events}



{view of the main lobby full of vendors}


End of Summer Bucket List


Its hard to believe that Labor Day is around the corner and soon kids will be going back to school. I feel like July just flew by and August isn’t slowing down either. I went back to see what I still had on my list of things to do this summer and compiled a decent bucket list I am hoping to accomplish.

Grill on my patio – I haven’t used my grill at all this summer and I’m hoping I can have a BBQ before summer ends

Go to and Orioles game – yes nothing to do with Buffalo, but being able to attend an MLB game is a summer classic in my book and the O’s are my team

Visit a farmers market

Go berry picking

Attend an outdoor concert

Take an outdoor yoga class

Watch a movie outdoors

Hike the trails at Artpark

Visit Chautauqua Lake – make a day of it!

Have a beer {or two} at Thin Man Brewery

Visit the Southern Tier Wineries

Get a group of people together and try an Escape Room

Stop by the Elmwood Arts Festival

Plan a vacation for the Fall

Friday Finds


{inside the barn of Pittsford Farms Dairy – their ice cream is so good! and I love that clock}


{I love these bridal party gifts I got from Pretty Sugar Paperie! Gina did an awesome job, so happy I learned about her local business}


{when my Aunt and Cousin come to visit and bring me Swiss Chalet! Its been so long since I’ve had it. It reminds me of when I was younger and me and my family would go to the one that used to be downtown on Main St in the Theater District. Yum!}


{Jothi in the elephant yard at the Buffalo Zoo a couple weeks ago}


{working with the United Way is always a fun time, especially when includes the mascots!}

World Elephant Day

Today is one of my top 5 favorite days of the year, I know to some they may think it’s crazy, but elephants are one of my favorite animals. They are extremely intelligent and have a great memory that spans over years. They form deep family bonds and are led by the matriarch – being the oldest and often largest female of the herd. They display different emotions – anger, play, joy and grief. They are the largest land animal in the world and there are two different species African and Asian Elephants.

The Buffalo Zoo has two Asian Elephants – Surapa and Jothi. You can visit them in the elephant yard and house today for some fun activities taking place for World Elephant Day.


surapa 4

{my trip to see the elephants at the Buffalo Zoo a couple years ago, this is Surapa inside the elephant house}

surapa 2

{her keepers doing enrichment activities with her}

surapa 1

{me and my niece with her}





A day trip in the “585”


{Cobbs Hill Park – the view of Rochester was pretty cool}

While in Rochester the other day for Bills Training Camp, Kelsey and I decided to make a day of it and since she went to school there she showed me some of the hot spots in the “585.” It was a fun day and it makes me like Rochester a lot more now! Below are pictures from the stops we made. A big thank you goes out to K.Sweet for being my tour guide!!


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{First Stop before training camp – Village Bakery & Café – OMG so good and the décor so cute!!}


{views of the beautiful Canal}


{yummy Mexican from La Casa and Margarita’s!!}


{the original Wegman’s store is the best store ever! Seriously!!}


{A visit to Nazareth College – this is inside the Library – The Rare Book Room – pretty cool! the campus as a whole is a beauty}


{Third last stop of the day was at this delicious Dairy – the cookies and coffee ice cream in a waffle cone – the bomb!}


{Second last stop was at LL Bean – I have never been in one before and I fell in love – I found 10 things off the bat that I wanted to buy. I either need to find a rich man or win the lottery}

Bills Training Camp



With the first Bill’s pre-season game this Saturday, I thought it was only fitting to post my day trip  to Bills Training Camp yesterday with my friend Kelsey {a fellow Bills fan as well}. We headed out to the 10am practice and it was quite nice, not only were we rolling “VIP” with passes in the hospitality tent {thanks to our friend Nick}, but we were also able to snag some selfies with the players too.


Overall practice was HOT and fun to watch. Being at camp makes me want football season here. Only a few more weeks! In the meantime here is the schedule for the rest of training camp in case you want to head out to SJF.



{morning views from the hospitality tent}

Until next time!


{Photos – Just a Blonde in Buffalo pics}


{let’s practice}



{let’s play some football}


{Cardale Jones}


{Jerry Hughes!}



One of my favorite places in town


{A little family fun at the lion exhibit, Mom had to come in and break up some rough housing between Father and Son}

My love for the Buffalo Zoo increases more and more every time I’m there. The more I learn about the animals and their habitats the more passionate I am to support a great organization.



Last Sunday the Pro Zoo Board was lucky to receive a behind the scenes tour from Donna Fernandes. Donna is one of the most intelligent woman I know and being able to have her talk about the animals while we walked the Zoo grounds was awesome.


{Luna bear}


{checking out the Maned Wolf exhibit}

It’s an exciting time at the Zoo, if you have a chance to spend a few hours there its a great place to visit.

Until next time..


{Photos all Just A Blonde in Buffalo Photos}


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