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What a week Western New York has been through. While we still have a lot of snow to remove and some time before we can get back to any sort of “norm,” Western New York residents have shown that they are strong and they can get through anything…together! Make the most of the situation you are in and remember to stay positive.

Have a safe weekend!



{Need to stock back up on my wine supply}


{Only two weeks away from Deck the Halls Runway. Go to for more info}



{Even though I’m ready for Snowvember to be over with, I loved seeing us get some National attention the last few days}


{Jim Kelly on ESPN}

Snowvember – Buffalo for Real!

With all the snow that has fallen over Western New York in the past 24 hours, I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from people {including myself} that posted on social media what’s going on in their neck of the woods. The weather has been the talk of the town, making National headlines and while some up North have only seen a couple inches, this storm has cost the lives of a handful of people.

It’s important for everyone to remember to stay inside and let the emergency personnel and first responders do their jobs. In times like these I’m even more happy and proud to say I live in Buffalo – “A city of good neighbors,” always coming through and helping each other in times of need and showing each other some #Buffalove. Stay safe and warm!



{Tuesday Nov. 18 – Picture taken via news station showing the Lake Effect Snow band between Downtown and the Southtowns}


{Tuesday evening – photo taken by news station showing the NYS Thruway}


{My friend Tara enjoying a glass of wine outside her home Tuesday evening}


{Airplane view}


{Outside my house on Wednesday morning}


{The sun shining and the snow taking a break Wednesday late morning}


{Photo via Buffalo Bills – Snow on the field and in the stands at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Wednesday}



From Robot Bubble Bot, to frozen bubbles, big Bubbles and small ones, Bubblefest at the Buffalo Science Museum was awesome! Over 4,000 people came to the event this past Saturday. Kids young and old, adults and even some teenagers attended the fun event. Not only learning the science behind bubble making, but guests also danced, popped and stood in them. Face painting, food trucks and picture stations were on hand as well.

If you have children and haven’t been to the event try and make it next year, you can spend a whole afternoon at the science museum. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for future info on the 2015 event {tentatively scheduled for September 2015}!



{Bubblemania Show}


{Frozen Bubble Station}


{People and Places Who Move Buffalo} Dog E Style Restaurant


I’m excited to share my experience with you on the new hot dog restaurant that opened in Downtown Buffalo last month, Dog E Style.  Offering one of a kind hot dogs, Dog E Style, not only offers great food, but has a fully stocked bar and is located in a unique space downtown. Read more of my interview with Thomas Cowen below and see why they are moving Buffalo forward.

How did the concept of Dog E Style begin? 
Rocco Termini came up with the idea and is working on “building a neighborhood” in the heart of the City of Buffalo.

Where did the idea and name come from? 
The idea came to us because everyone loves hot dogs! We also added a nice craft beer selection and a restaurant that can offer a full bar with liquor and wine. The name was meant to stick, so people would remember us. Once you stop in to see us you will realize the time and effort we put in to create “not your typical hot dog restaurant.”

How did you decide on the space for the restaurant?
We kicked around the idea of using old shipping containers so we contacted the manufacturer that makes the containers, bought the materials and put them together on sight, along with steal beams to make it weather and climate proof.

What would you say makes you stand out from your competition, other hot dog/fast food places?
We are not your average hot dog stand. We are a Hot Dog restaurant that serves not your everyday hot dog, we serve all different kinds. Special made wieners, sausage, cheeseburgers & a few vegetarian options.
A few items we serve are:
BANH MI DOG     – Chinese sausage, Saigon style, house made  Jalapenos & Saigon veggies
GREEK DOG        – Lamb dog, tzatziki, olives, pepperoncini, feta
CHICAGO DOG   – True Chicago style Dog – poppy seed bun, neon relish, sport peppers, tomatoes, mustard, onion, celery salt & pickle
House made Cheeseburger
House Made Fries
Portabella Sandwich with a fried egg
NO DOG – slow roasted caramelized carrot, spicy mayo, vegetarian chili

What would you like customers to get out of their experience when visiting Dog E Style? 
Different. Affordable. Casual. Relaxed 

Why did you choose downtown Buffalo and not a suburb? 
Downtown Buffalo is on the Up & Up. If you haven’t been downtown in a while you are missing out on a city that is coming back to life. We want to show people that it is ok to start investing in this city again. There are so many things happening all over, whether its the Waterfront, revitalizing the Chippewa/ Entertainment District or the Medical Corridor, you see cranes and hardhats everywhere. Delaware North, IBM, Roswell, Terry Pegula, they are all showing that now is the time to get in the city!  

What about Buffalo do you love the most? 
The People!

Is there any other information or specials you feature that you’d like the general public to know about? 
We are always running special dogs! Our website will be up and running soon, but in the meantime stay up to date with us on are social media pages.

Does Dog E Style feature catering or will they in the near future?
Yes, we offer drop-off catering for your office for lunch, dinner or even if you want to pick it up for any special event you can.
128 Genesee St
Buffalo, NY 14203
Me and the guys from work thought the food was awesome, the space was great and it is on our list of places to visit again and again {especially for lunch}. Thank you Tessa and Tom for helping me share more information on Dog E Style. And a special thank you to Mr. Termini for continuing to move Buffalo forward.
Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, Check them out on Instagram
{ The lunch crowd that began to form once we placed our order }
{ Offering a fully stocked bar – craft beer, wine and liquor }
{ I love the chalk board menu }
{ Italian sausage with onions and peppers and French fries }


Left Bank

FullSizeRender (3)

A few weeks ago I finally went to the well-known Left Bank with my friend Nicole. I’ve heard great things about the restaurant and wanted to check it out! Located at 511 Rhode Island St. in Buffalo, the wine was, of course, great and the food was delicious! I got the panko crusted chicken and it was so delish!

The décor was rustic, with exposed brick walls and dim lighting. The bar area was big enough and separated from the eating area, so if you wanted to go for cocktails you totally could. It is a little on the pricy side, but if you have a special event or occasion and you’re looking for a nice dinner out, this is a nice place to go. If you’re a brunch type person, I heard they have an amazing brunch that you may want to try. Make sure to call ahead of time to make reservations. Check out some of my pictures below. Have a great Monday!


FullSizeRender (2)

{ I loved the Sunflower on the table }

FullSizeRender (5)

{ Bread and Oil were served and we ordered the fried calamari for an appetizer }

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (1)

{ The bar }

Friday Favorites!

Yay for Friday! I’ve been a little under the weather this week and am finally starting to feel better. It comes just in time to, my niece and I are super excited for Bubblefest tomorrow at the Science Museum. That’s all we’ve been talking about for the past couple of weeks! Have a great one!



{ I’m looking forward to the Compass House Planting Seeds of Hope Dinner tonight }


{ The flyover at this past Sunday’s Bills game was pretty cool }


{ Because if you’re from Western New York, this is necessary sometimes }


{ I have some of the best friends who send me pictures from wine night saying they love me. Love you ladies! }

FullSizeRender4{ Because coffee has been getting me through my days lately }

A Memorable Gameday Experience


{My Dad and I on the field post Bills game}

My Dad and I have been going to Bills games for quite some time now, its nice “father/daughter time,” so after this past Sunday’s game we had the opportunity to head on the field. While I thought it wasn’t going to be as exciting as pre-game passes would be, it was a lot of fun! The loss to Kansas City put a “little” damper on the day, but we made best of the situation and the experience. We got to take pictures, run around the field and throw the football around. The Bills staff were friendly, personable and fun which made it more enjoyable. It was definitely a memory that will stay with me through the years. Below are a few of the photos I captured.

Go Bills! And SQUISH THE FISH tonight!



{Yes, I had to take a selfie on the field}




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