Holiday Cocktails with Slim Lizzy’s

slim lizzy's holiday cocktails


Can you believe Christmas Eve is one week from today and New Year’s Eve is only 14 days away!  And with that comes the preparations, the gatherings at loved ones homes, the parties and so on. One question everyone will ask is what you’d like to drink and my friends over at Slim Lizzy’s have some of the perfect holiday cocktail recipes for you to enjoy!

Below are two signature drinks that you can use in the upcoming weeks to treat yourself and your girlfriends!


Cranberry Holiday Mint Cosmo

  • 4 oz. Slim Lizzy’s Cosmo
  • 2 oz. Cranberry juice Muddled mint
  • Shake Slim Lizzy’s Cosmo and cranberry juice together with muddled mint
  • Strain over ice
  • Garnish with mint leaf and cranberries


{Photo’s courtesy of Slim Lizzy’s}

Cosmo in a Pear Tree

  • 4 oz. Slim Lizzy’s Cosmo
  • 2 oz. Pear Vodka
  • 1 oz. Grenadine
  • 1 oz. Ginger ale
  • Shake together Slim Lizzy’s Cosmo, Pear Vodka and Grenadine
  • Top with ginger ale and garnish with a cherry

{Each cocktail is under 200 calories and can be found at Tops or NOCO stores in Western New York.}

Slim Lizzy’s is a slim social cocktail for women. New to the area, Slim Lizzy’s can be found in the pre-select areas of the Northeast, Buffalo is one of those lucky markets! Offering two delicious flavors, the Margarita and Cosmopolitan, each are only 80 calories {making it perfect for us ladies who enjoy a couple cocktails, but not the calories that come with having them}. Slim Lizzy’s is malt-free and gluten-free.

So what are you waiting for? Try Slim Lizzy’s out and enjoy your Holidays! Cheers!


{Women Who Move the City} Lisa, Gridlock Lacquer

Today I’m featuring a woman who I have followed since she opened her business in 2013. Lisa from Gridlock Lacquer began mixing, combining and creating nail polish with a little Buffalo love and since her business began she has only expanded and is doing bigger and better things. Check out my interview with Lisa below.


How did Gridlock Lacquer get started?

It was started when I started noticing how major nail polish and cosmetic labels were re-branding the way products were sold. Instead of “sunset pink” or “mauve” nail polish, the major brands starting naming their polishes things like “I’m Not Really a Waitress” or “Topless & Barefoot” or “It’s Raining Men”. Women started to buy the products almost as much for the name as they were for the color. I thought it would be fun to bring that idea to a local level and create a collection based on things, events and history of Buffalo.

What is the thing you enjoy the most about owning your own business?

I own the successes and I own the mistakes. If the product is poor, that’s  on me but if it’s great then I know I’m doing something right. It also allows for dreaming much more than a traditional career. I’m only limited by myself and the only people I report to are my customers.

What is one thing you want people to know about you and Gridlock Lacquer, that they may not know?

Gridlock Lacquer is hand mixed! This means hours and hours have been spent blending colors, dropping mixing balls, filling bottles, adding brushes, twisting caps and labeling. It’s a labor of love and very time intensive. I love that this is a hand mixed product and that it is made in Buffalo. It’s my own tiny contribution to the re-shoring of American manufacturing haha j/k.

Where can they find your product?

-Online at

-At the Broadway Market on Saturdays from now through Easter

-At a bunch of retail stores in Buffalo, Rochester and Cleveland. The list can be found on the website if you’re looking for something in your area. {Click here for the list}

Do you host private parties for those who want to make their own nail polish?

YES and it’s so fun! I’ve only done a couple but people have had a blast and come up with some really creative colors! Eventually I hope to get to a place where I have a location that allows me to host the events myself and then people can just sign up when they’d like to participate instead of needing to assemble a group.

What is one thing you love about Buffalo?

Just one? Buffalo is such an underdog story. Everyone loves to root for the underdog and watch it come out on top.

Any other info you’d like to provide? Upcoming events you’ll be at? Promotions you are doing, etc?

Keep an eye out for coupon codes on social media!

Follow on FB, Instagram {@GridlockLacquer}, Twitter {@GridlockLacquer} . They’ve got all the updates on location, events, sales and new products. All are listed as: gridlocklacquer

I’ll be at the Broadway Market on Saturdays, extra days around Christmas and 2 full weeks before Easter with a fresh set of Spring colors. The market is super fun and a really important piece of Buffalo’s history, so stop by!

I stopped by the Broadway Market on Saturday and picked up a bunch of gifts for the holidays, the nail polish makes great stocking stuffers!. Check out some of my photos below. Thank you Lisa for believing in Buffalo and helping keep Buffalo moving forward, in a stylish way!

gridlock 1

gridlock 2

I love the names!

gridlock 3

Other accessories to go with the nail polish, nail decals, soaps, nail polish remover


Queen City Market

Tis the season to shop! Being that I’m a big #ShopLocal gal I decided to head to Karpeles Manuscript Library on Saturday to get a chunk of my Christmas shopping done at the Queen City Market event. First things first, what an awesome venue this event was held in, the architecture is beautiful! Second, so many local vendors were on hand, some that I never even heard of before {that made for great networking opportunities} and they offered unique finds.

This event had variety, something that you don’t always find at some events. It was nice to walk around and not see the same thing on each table. Another great thing on my list, it was affordable! Some of the items I purchased at this event I would have paid double at if I went to a large retail store.

I know that if the event is held next year, I would definitely go back. There are to many reasons on my list not too. To see a list of who was there click here. Below are pictures of some of my favorite vendor tables and shots of the venue.


queen city market

queen city market 2queen city market 4queen city market 1queen city market 3

Friday Favorites!

This week has been a challenging one for me mentally. I like to see progress in everything I do and when nothing changes over a period of time you have to walk away from it, even if its something you don’t want to do. Being the bigger person in some situations isn’t always the best thing, but its the right thing. I’m hoping a weekend with family, Christmas shopping and football will relieve some of my stress. In the meantime here are a few photos that made me smile this past week.Enjoy!



{Deck the Halls this past weekend}

main st beth photo

{A classic car and white Buffalo on Main St. in Buffalo}

ellicott sq beth photo

{The Ellicott Square Building is beautiful without any decorations, so having this tree set-up makes for a stunning display}

bisons beth photo

{Anyone up for some “snow” ball. A snowy Coca-Cola Field}



Creating, Making and Designing Something Different

makers 7

Last week, my friends and I got together for a fun and creative ladies night out! We all met at Modern Nostalgia for Makers/Pear Design Studio, String Art Class. We had a blast! The class cost $42, came with all the supplies and you could bring your own vino and light snacks. You also received a discount off purchases made throughout the store. The class began at 6:30 and we left around 9pm.

Each one of us chose our own designs and hammered away at the reclaimed wood before picking our colors and stringing them all together. Laura from Pear Design Studio was an awesome teacher, motivating, guiding and encouraging us when we wanted to stop or thought are art pieces weren’t good. She offered suggestions and was personable, just what you need for a class like this! Gretchen from Makers was great as well, making it easy to schedule the private class.

During a time, when everyone is super busy, this class was perfect because I got to spend an evening with some of my closest girlfriends catching up and doing something different. This was my second time taking a class from Makers and I highly suggest anyone who is looking for something fun to do, to take this or any other class by them, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out some of the photos from my night below.



Everything was all lined up, organized and ready to go when we arrived!

makers 2

Just about done hammering away at my design.

makers 3

We’re ready to start stringing our colors together!

makers 4

Hard at work!

makers 5

Almost done!

makers 6

Our finished masterpieces!




A fun run starting at Resurgence Brewery takes place tonight. Organized by Fleet Feet Sports, enjoy a 2 or 4 mile run with the local community.


An awesome local business that makes not only great Buffalo cards, but coasters, apparel and other accessories. Follow Rusterior Design on social media and local stores.


Lately I’ve been trying to change up my workouts just because running all the time can get boring. I’m looking forward to checking out this indoor cycling studio soon. Click here for more details.



The Tree of Hope is taking place on Friday at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. While registration closed on Monday, you can watch it on local news station, WGRZ starting at 5pm. Its nice to live in a community that helps spread some holiday cheer during what can be stressful times for some.



Tuesday’s Thoughts


Here are my thoughts for today. We live in the United States of America, the land of the free. While I believe and encourage everyone to have their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs, the recent protests that have been taking place throughout the Country, is upsetting.

Whether you agree or disagree in the outcomes of what happened in Ferguson and NYC, anger and violence are not the answer. Yes, you may make a statement and get noticed, but outside of that, what else have you accomplished?

We are a Country that is suppose to be an example for the rest of the world, but when we start to act like people we are fighting overseas, what do we really accomplish. Nothing will ever improve in this world if we keep repeating the same things.

As Americans, we should create change. When something horrible and inexcusable happens, yes its ok to be upset and angry, but use those feelings and make a difference in a positive way. Lead by example! Creating more violence and crime isn’t going to change or make anything better. And those are my thoughts for today.


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