The Grand Opening of Groom Service Beauty & Dry Bar


While I am sad I won’t be able to make the grand opening I’m super excited its down the street from where I work, so I can pay a visit.. multiple times! Check out the details on the Grand Opening below!
Thank you Media Giants for the invitation!

Groom Service Beauty & Dry Bar is opening the doors to its flagship boutique on the ground floor of the recently renovated Hotel Lafayette in Downtown Buffalo. Join co-founders Myriah Jaworski and Katie Ambrose and the curated Groom Service team of artists as they celebrate with a posh grand opening event on Friday, March 27 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Guests are invited to mingle in the chicly-designed hotel lobby where the new Public Expresso + Coffee Bar is also celebrating their grand opening party. A special ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 5:15 p.m. sharp, at the door to Groom Service.

Groom Service provides lavish beauty services in-store, in-room at the hotel, and on-location. All Groom Service brands are retailing in downtown Buffalo for the first time!



Shea’s Performing Art Center – a beautiful place where magic happens. Not only have great plays come and gone from this venue, but there have been a handful of events that have taken place there as well. I’m excited to head there tonight with my Dad for the Phantom of the Opera show. Its been a few years since I’ve last seen a play there, so I’m looking forward to it. The venue has beautiful detailed décor through out and in a sense even though we aren’t in NYC it reminds me of seeing plays on Broadway.


Sheas Buffalo

Down at the Market


The Broadway Market - a staple on the East side of Buffalo. I remember heading to the market often as a child when I lived on Fillmore, now I find myself visiting during the Lenten season and maybe once every other month. I hate when places that have so much potential get a “bad” rep because the area they are located in may not be the greatest. The only thing is, the market is open during daylight hours and is probably safer to visit than some other popular places in town that are open late into the night. I have a lot of childhood memories at the market and I’m looking forward to visiting in the upcoming week for Easter. If you’ve never been or haven’t been in a while you should definitely pay a visit, with vendors like Gridlock Lacquer and Hands and Paws Cookie Treats  its bringing a new life back into an historic building.



St. Stanislaus

St. Stans

A place that I grew up in and till this day a place that I love is St. Stanislaus. I attended grammar school there and even after I left that school, I would attend Church there. Every year I head there during Easter to get the Easter basket blessed. The Church is so beautiful and even though it is located in a not so great area of the city, it brings a light to that part of town.



Let’s Take Off

Buffalo-Niagara-International-Airport[1]One of my favorite things to do is travel. There is so much more in this world than the walls we grow up around. While I love Buffalo, I love seeing new sights, history and culture. So its know wonder one of my favorite places in town is the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. As much as I love getting away, I love coming home and hearing the Goo Goo Dolls playing on the speakers as you walk through the airport. It may not be the biggest airport or one of the best, but I think its fits in just right the way it is.





A Place to Be A Kid


A place where anyone can be a kid, the Buffalo Science Museum. Each year there is always at least a handful of events that draw me in. Today, its Messfest! Science is messy and today you can get ooey and gooey and have fun doing it! Have a great Sunday!


Lafayette Square


Lafayette Square – a place where I spent a lot of my Thursday’s listening to music and drinking some beers at Thursday in the Square. Now that it has moved to Canalside, the square is still pretty lively – with the new Buffalo Niagara Visitor’s Center, Hotel Lafayette and the Hilton Hotel, I’m glad to see people still coming to that part of downtown.

Happy Saturday!


downtown lafayette sq

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