Modern Dream Catchers with Makers & Muse


{Photo from Makers Buffalo Instagram account}

I have been wanting to take this class with Makers Buffalo for a long time and my schedule never allowed it up until a couple weeks ago when Makers Buffalo and MUSEJar came together to host a Modern Dream Catchers class at Arden Farm– a place I’ve been before and really do enjoy going to. It was a Friday night class with some food {yummy food} provided by Daily’s Catering. The class took place in the barn and you could BYOB – so clearly I brought a bottle of wine. My friend and co-worker Kelsey came along for the ride! Overall it was a fun crafty night! Every time I take a class with Makers and Muse they don’t disappoint. Not only are the classes enjoyable, you create something that’s for you and you meet some really great people as well. If you can ever take a class that fits your interest, I highly recommend it.

Below are some of my pictures from the crafty night out.

-B img_2226

{One of the first steps was picking your yarn and tying it to the metal circle}


{Kelsey being crafty}


{Separating the yarn to make it more wavy and full}


{Are finished products}


Monday Lunch Talk


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

If you’re in the downtown area for work and looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, check out Jaz & Jack’s – on the corner of Broadway, across from the Buffalo and Erie County Library. This southern cuisine style restaurant takes the spot where Perks Coffee once was. I ordered the pulled pork and mac n’ cheese and it was pretty good. The service is pretty quick so if you’re in a time crunch this is a good place to go. And if you’re looking to catch up with a friend or take a more relaxed lunch you can dine in as well.


{Pulled pork and mac n’ cheese}


{Dine in décor}


A Fall Favorite of Mine

Last month my Mom stopped by to help me can tomatoes – an activity I remember doing this with her, my Grandma and Aunts when I was younger. With the colder temperatures approaching I thought it was the perfect time to can some tomatoes – I’ll use them for my Mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce recipe, homemade chili and other warm winter foods.

We started out with a bushel of tomatoes that made us {me} 11 full mason jars – perfect amount for a single lady on her own! The part I remember disliking the most was when the tomatoes came out of the boiling hot water and you have to peel them right away – I remember my fingers not liking that part and they still don’t! haha.


{Step 1: Line table or counter with newspaper and get bushel of tomatoes}


{Step 2: Cut out core and prep for hot water}


{Step 3: In the water you go – just enough time to get the first layer soft enough to peel off}


{Step 4: Peel off the top layer of skin and put in mason jar – my least favorite part}



{Step 5: Clean rim of jars, seal with lids, put in hot water for 40-50 minutes to seal, store and use whenever needed}

Overall it was a nice Sunday morning/early afternoon spent with my Mom. Not only did it bring back childhood memories, its was a day where we made new memories together in my new home, which is a gift in itself.



Queen City Half Marathon


Tomorrow over 300 runners will be hitting the streets in Downtown Buffalo for the first Queen City Half Marathon. An all female race {making it the 50th all female race in the Country}. Outside of it being your typical race, what the message is behind the race is what matters…woman empowerment. Its about women supporting other women, working together and having fun while accomplishing that goal you have set forth for yourself.

I’m excited to see how the race is and the feedback that is received, its a pretty cool event, that I think will grow and be more and more successful with each year that passes. If you would like more information on the race you can go here.

Good luck to all the runners out there tomorrow!


Rochester Public Market


It seems like it has been forever since my last blog post. I’ve put blogging on the back burner because my schedule has been crazy, but I’m hoping I can be more consistent on my posts again.


A couple weeks ago I went back down the 90 to visit my friend Arica for her birthday in Rochester, while there, we had planned to go to the Rochester Public Market – it was on my end of summer bucket list and since I’d never been to that market before, I thought why not. The Market is huge and has amazing farmers and vendors to shop from!! I got avocados for $1!!! And a bundle of sun flowers for $4!


{Beautiful flowers and vegetables. These vendors do it right!}


It’s definitely worth the while to take the hour or so drive to pay a visit on a Saturday morning if you can… the market won’t disappoint you if you are a farmer market goer, it was a great suggestion from Arica!  Skip ahead to this past week where I ran into my friends from Fudge Factors and I was talking to them about this and they suggested I visit the market in North Tonawanda, saying it is a really nice one, probably the most similar to the one in Rochester. I’ll have to add that to my places to visit and compare the two.

Until next time,


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{crowd shot}


{wine sampling}

Safari Niagara


A couple weeks ago {Labor Day weekend to be exact} my Mom, niece, nephew and I went up to Stevensville Ontario and spent the day at Safari Niagara {a nature park with animals, a splash pad and playground}. We went over the Peace Bridge which to my surprise wasn’t a long wait whatsoever despite being a Holiday weekend, it was a 30 minute trip from Buffalo to Ontario!


{art sculptures thru the park}


{a cool bird exhibit that takes you up close}

We spent the day looking at the cool art sculptures, watching the animals {lions, giraffes, hippos and more!}, paddle boating and playing in the splash pad and playground. Its a little pricey for admission, but you can bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages in, which makes up for buying at their food stands. Overall its a cool place to spend the day, especially if you have children.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{play area}




Harlie’s First Day of Training


Harlie is 9 months old and in, as I like to call it “doggie toddler mode.” She really thinks she runs the house and is in charge, so after help from my Dad and researching a few places I found a dog trainer {Sarah Demerle} on thumbstack she is fairly cheap {compared to local places} and she comes to my house which is convenient for me with my schedule. During the training we focus on Harlie’s excitement, jumping on people, play biting and understanding that I am the “Pack Leader.” Her first training session went ok, Harlie caught on with some things and other things {like the prong collar} we have to work on. Its crazy how after one session I’ve learned a lot and I know she has too.

Until next time…


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