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Women Who Move Buffalo – Lindsay from Nickel City Pretty

Last week I met up with the wonderful gal, Lindsay from Nickel City Pretty. We met at her awesome studio {Black Box Studio} on Exchange St. and chatted about all of the exciting things she has accomplished and new ventures she is going to tackle in the future. It is one of my favorite interviews to date. Read more on Lindsay and all the fun things she does below.

What made you start Nickel City Pretty and the Buffalo Blogging Network?

Nickel City Pretty started about 5 years ago when I was looking for a hobby to help get me out of a funk. I always liked writing so as a new years resolution I began my venture into the blogging world. When I began I focused a lot on fashion, but over the years have branched out and now talk all about Buffalo and the great things taking place here. From there I began the Buffalo Blogging Network, a place where I could create a sense of community for other local bloggers to come and talk to others about the same interests. I host monthly meetings and networking events for bloggers to meet with one another, collaborate and just bounce ideas off each other. Since the inception there are now about 80 bloggers and vloggers in the network.

{part of her studio space}

On top of working a full time job, running a successful blog and blogging network, this past summer Lindsay opened up her own studio – Black Box Studio located at 567 Exchange St. so I asked her what made her want to open her own studio. 

Her response – I was itching for a bigger office, a place where I could come and put my full attention to my work. One thing I learned from Lindsay when we met is she loves old buildings and the architecture in and around Buffalo and with Larkinville being an up and coming area, when she found out the space was available her and her friend Heather {who is a photographer} jumped at the chance and did a complete reno. Having a studio space allows for me and Heather to bounce ideas off one another, to rent the space out to other people who are looking for a temporary spot to study, work, or hold a photo shoot to name a few things. My take away on the studio – it is super cozy, yet hip and I love everything about it! 

What is one thing you want people to take away from all of your initiatives and what do you enjoy most about each of them? 

Down the road I would love to see Black Box Studio grow and be a place for people to shoot videos, do more photography, host make up classes {Lindsay is a make up artist and still does classes, lessons and books for special occasions} and pop up shops and creative things. The studio is the missing piece to my puzzle. What I enjoy most about each thing I do – her blog – I love interacting with so many cool people, creating my “Nickel City Gritty” series and asking fun questions to get people to see those I features, real personalities. Just being able to work with Visit Buffalo Niagara {VBN} and local business owners and to go out and do all these cool things and be in the community is exciting. With the Blogging Network I love forming friendships, making people interact with one another and to see the collaborations created and the community that is forming is pretty awesome. Meeting Heather and having my own space and being inspired each time I walk into the studio is really exciting.

What do you love most about Buffalo? 

I love how friendly Buffalo is and how we help each other out. I love the old with the new, the architecture and old buildings and history with the new restaurants and technology. I also love how proud people are living here and of course the food. One thing I can say is Lindsay is apart of creating history here in Buffalo, her passion for her blog, the network and studio exude in everything she shares with the public. And I am so lucky to know her and am humbled to be apart of the network and learn from her. 

What is one thing people don’t know about you? 

I was supposed to be on a Fisher Price box as a kid, but a few days before the photo shoot I fell and sliced my eyebrow open and needed stitches, needless to say because of that I didn’t end up on the box.

Out of all of your initiatives is there one thing you enjoy more than another? 

I enjoy blogging, its my baby. And to be honest it is because of that, that it spawned me into these other ventures. It keeps growing, I enjoy being busy and working on new projects, like my Public Art Page.

What motivates you to keep going? 

The City – the vibrancy, my family and the people that I get to interact with everyday, Everyday life, that’s what motivates me and keeps me going. Its all been fun and its a hobby and a job and my passion.

Lindsay is passionate about Buffalo, she gets inspiration from friends who own their own business and are living their passion. She loves local, small business and she screams Buffalo and just wants to show her love for the City in everything she does and I think she does a damn good job at it. The creativity out of Buffalo is amazing, but the dedication and love Lindsay has in everything she does is equally amazing and she inspires me and for that I am so grateful to know her. 

If you are or know of any business that would like to work with Lindsay or know of any person who she should feature on her Nickel City Gritty series contact her here.

{she is always working}

Fishing in the Lower River

Brisk air and cooler temperatures made way for a new fishing experience for me yesterday up in Lewiston.  When Ryan from Brookdog Fishing Co. asked if I wanted to get back out on the water, I jumped at the chance and said of course! Not only was it fun this past summer when I went on an excursion with him, but I have never fished in cooler temperatures and honestly didn’t know it was a thing to do until recent.

{out on the water}

There is something about just being on the water that makes you put things in perspective and clears your mind. Right off the bat we caught some steelhead and lake trout. What was the most exciting part of the trip, outside of sharing stories with Ryan and ease dropping on other boats conversations, was the fight of reeling in the fish when we caught them. The second favorite was holding the fish, I don’t know why, but even when the fish fell out of my hands and I screamed like a little girl, it was fun.

Overall, its just a great experience and something different to do in the fall and winter time. Again, Ryan goes above and beyond providing all the amenities for the trip, including coffee and a mini space heater to warm your hands from time to time. I can’t say enough positive things about this company, it is truly one of a kind and I’m already looking forward to the next trip. Thanks Ryan!


{rise and shine, its fishing time}

{holding the biggest fish I’ve ever caught}

{it was quite the experience}

{and I enjoyed every second of it!}



If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my Insta story last night on the newest exhibit to come to the Buffalo Museum of Science, digiPlaySpace. Open to the public beginning tomorrow {11/18/17}  digiPlaySpace is made for both kids and adults and is so.much.fun!!

The exhibit produced by TIFF {Toronto International Film Festival} is an interactive playground for everyone. Guests of the museum can explore new media technologies, get hands on with the 14 interactive digital installations and the Buffalo Museum of Science is only the third museum in the U.S. to host this exhibit.

If you’re looking for something to take the kids to over the Holiday break or looking for a fun date night or just something to get you out of the house, I highly recommend checking digiPlaySpace out. It’s on exhibit until April 22, 2018. 

A special thank you to the Tweet Team, Visit Buffalo Niagara and the Science Museum for inviting me to the preview night!





My Friday Favorites!

canalside sunset just a blonde in buffalo photo

{I am obsessed with this sunset I was able to capture on my phone Wednesday night down at Canalside. Absolutely beautiful!}

This week has been crazy and I’m happy to say its Friday! While there was some sadness filled in the week with goodbyes, there were also some positive things that took place – like me running my fastest 5k and celebrating two of my really good friends birthdays. With the negative comes the positive and vice versa. I’m looking forward to the weekend and just enjoying the little things around me. I hope you enjoy yours at well!

And if you’re at the Brewer’s Festival tomorrow at Canalside, stop by and say hi! I’ll be at the front table!



{Love these cards from the Allentown Art festival}

allentown just a blonde in buffalo photo

{On the corner of Allen and Main St. are these rocks just plopped on the grass with a sign that says welcome to Allentown – welcoming those who visit the area, especially those who attended the art festival last weekend}

visit buffalo niagara photo - buster bison

{Photo is from Visit Buffalo Niagara’s Instagram – Buster was helping serve lunch on Thursday! #Buffalove15}


#WinterBUF Canalside

just a blonde in buffalo

Over the holidays my friend Agnes and I hit up Canalside. Agnes who is from Buffalo originally, lives in Chicago and was home for the Holidays, so I wanted to show her all of the progress going on downtown. Being it was a Tuesday afternoon, we hit up 716 first to fill our bellies and enjoy some brews before hitting the ice. When we arrived outside, we thought it wouldn’t be a problem to grab some ice bikes from Ice Bikes of Buffalo, but we were wrong…there was a two and a half hour wait and the line to ice skate was long enough that we didn’t want to stand in it! So we had to change up our strategy and we decided to just walk around the area check out all of the skaters and take in the new vibe that is happening at our waterfront.

Even though I was bummed we didn’t get on the bikes {even if we wanted to it would have been so crowded} it was nice to see all of the people {on a Tuesday afternoon} down at Canalside. I’m hoping when I go back in a couple weeks, I’ll have my chance at one of the bikes. In the meantime I’m enjoying all the updates and pictures I’ve been seeing on social media.

If you haven’t been down to Canalside yet, this is the perfect weekend to do so {as long as you don’t mind crowds}. Harborcenter is hosting a three day Winterfest, full of fun activities for everyone. For more info click here.



{Filling our bellies with delicious food from 716}


{Experience your adventure}

ice bikes

{Ice Bikes of Buffalo}


{My panoramic shot of Canalside/Harborcenter}

winter buf

{Make sure to get in on Visit Buffalo Niagara’s social media fun and use the #WinterBuf when posting.}

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