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Happy Dyngus Day!!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful and what better way to celebrate a Monday – than to drink some Tyskie and Zywiec beer and listen to polka music in the historic Polonia district in Buffalo, where Paderewski Drive will be bustling with people later today. It’s been a couple years since I’ve celebrated this day, but I’m looking forward to showing some of my co-workers what Dyngus Day is about and meeting up with some of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. For more info on maps, places to go, etc. check out dyngusday.com for all the info.




March Madness

March Madness is happening in Buffalo and it has nothing to do with basketball, but a lot to do with fun events to look forward to the rest of this month. Here is my list of “things to do”:

FullSizeRender (3)

Buffalo Home & Garden Show – March 6, 12, 13

Roller Skate Nights throughout the month of March at Buffalo Riverworks

Shamrock Run – March 12

Limoncello Tasting at Amherst St Wine & Liquor – March 12

Weaving Workshop with Makers Buffalo – March 12

Barre @ the Bar – Pure Barre at Lockhouse distillery – March 15

DIY Wall Herb Garden – March 15

Mini Makers Easter Egg Dying – March 19th

MessFest at the Buffalo Museum of Science – March 19

Maple Weekend – March 19-20

St. Patty’s Day Parade – Old First Ward – March 19

Buffalo Bisons Open House – March 19

St. Patty’s Day Parade – Delaware Ave – March 20th

Soap Making with Zandra and Makers Buffalo – March 23

Guided Tour & Candlelit Yin Yang Yoga at the Darwin Martin House – March 26

Dyngus Day festivities – March 28th

Putts & Pints for First Tee WNY – March 30



A Hidden Gem in the Heart of the West Side Neighborhood: Tipico Coffee

Calling all Coffee Lovers! Have you been to one of the newest places on Buffalo’s West Side? Tipico Coffee opened a few short months ago and it is A-Mazing!!!

jesse tipico

I was lucky enough to sit down with the owner Jesse Crouse and talk about how he got started and what made him open a coffee shop in the heart of the west side neighborhood.

FullSizeRender (8)

From coffee to lattes to tea and more, Tipico rotates their coffee on a regular basis and on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays they have pastries from local vendors such as Breadhive and Butter Block, they also have an ever so tasty and popular avocado toast! Jesse started his passion for coffee while he was studying poetry in Chicago. Down the street from him was Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, a high end specialty coffee shop that drew him in and over the last 5+ years he has worked with coffee farms studying the supply aspect of the business.

After having children, Jesse and his wife Kristen {originally from Western New York} were trying to find an affordable place to open a business and decided to move to the area, after being on the west coast for a while. “Buffalo felt right” The couple along with Jesse’s in-laws wanted to help influence and shape the community they are living in. Their love for making food and the idea of homesteading offers a unique gift to customers as well. Bringing in 80-90% of their produce and milk from New York State their menu may be small, but is nice and compliments the drinks they serve. Jesse’s goal is to offer a revolving menu once the spring time comes and host more casual gatherings and events throughout the year.

Having the largest masonry stove, an iced coffee window that will be offered in the warmer weather months, being one of the first walking destination businesses in the middle of the West Side’s residential neighborhood, hosting brunches from time to time {the list goes on}; if you think you’re going to walk into the same old coffee shop, you’re wrong – Tipico is not your average café, its more than that. It’s a place where you go and the staff remembers your name, says thank you for stopping by and see ya soon when you leave. During my interview with Jesse he said hello and goodbye to every person that walked in and out of the door. That is what a small business owner in my opinion is. They know their customers, care about them and want to build a relationship with them.

FullSizeRender (6)

Starting on a shoe string budget, Jesse thought of doing a pop up shop, but just so happened to stumble upon his current location through his landlord. Everything was built out and the only thing he had to focus on was the equipment, putting a menu together and finding employees. It took 2 months to open and it wasn’t an easy process, but when you have passion for something you care about so much, it helps get you through. When I asked Jesse what he loves about the area, he said he loves the community. The warm welcoming he receives from the customers and community is what he and his staff give back to the area. The West Side of Buffalo is turning into the walking side of the community and having it be a walking destination gets people who may not be familiar with the area, out and about, seeing all the great things taking shape.

Tipico is really in the heart of the west side of Buffalo – the “hidden gem” in the neighborhood. To me, seeing a business like this in an area that is developing is really exciting. As someone who enjoys going to new places, it’s nice to meet local business owners who have a passion and believe in the area they work in. To see them excited, makes you get excited to see the growth of the community. If you enjoy coffee you should definitely make a stop to Tipico. And if you aren’t a coffee lover you don’t have to worry, Tipico also carries a wide variety of teas for tea lovers. It really is a one-of-a kind café in the area.


tipico latte

{Latte- YUM!}


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

A Nice Way to Watch A Film


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


Did you know that when Shea’s opened in 1926 it was actually built to show silent films?!?  Sunday my Mom and I attended the silent film Sherlock Holmes there. When I first got the tickets I thought it was a play, but then my Mom was quick to point out that it was a silent film {note to myself to read better} …like no words just a pianist playing scores throughout the films 90 minutes. I was a little skeptical, I’m not going to lie. I was thinking I would want to leave halfway through the film, but it was actually amazing! It was like I experienced something from back in time – a black and white film with no words, just music. It was a nice change of scenery and something different. I highly recommend attending a short film at Shea’s if you ever can. It makes for a nice indoor activity to do when the weather isn’t so nice out outside.


{A brief welcome and introduction before the film started}

Oh and the best part – it was free! A free film in a beautiful building that celebrated their 90th anniversary this weekend. That’s pretty cool Buffalo. Oh and for those who like popcorn and candy to munch on when watching a movie – Shea’s had their concession stands open, selling sweet treats {the popcorn and twizzlers cost $8 – that’s cheaper than a movie ticket now a days}. Just putting things in perspective, its nice to have a beautiful venue like this offer nice {casual} events like this.


For a calendar of events taking place at Shea’s click here


Burgers and Beer at A.B.V.

abv menu

{I loved the neat salt and pepper shakers on the table and the custom beer glasses}

A couple weekends ago, Shanna was in town and we wanted to go some where “Buffalo” {this is a harder decision to make with all the new restaurants, bars and breweries opening now and I love it!}. We decided on Allen Burger Venture on Allen St. Let me tell you it was pretty cool! All sorts of people came into the place during the couple hours we were there.. young and old, hipsters and not.

It is a small place and if you’re at a table near the bar it does get a little crowded, but the girls night out catch up date we planned was great, the hamburgers were yummy {and huge!} and there was a large beer selection to choose from and it was served cold which is always a positive.

I give this place two thumbs up and if you haven’t been or have people visiting from out of town its definitely a spot to hit up.

Until next time..


abv burger

{I ordered a regular burger #4 and Shanna got the Turkey burger}

abv table

abv bar

{Just one half of the beer menu above the bar}

abv wall

{Wall Art – definitely fits the vibe of Allentown}

abv shanna

{My girl Shae Shae enjoying her beer! }


{Until my next visit #Cheers}

Na zdrowie! Dyngus Day 2015


Dyngus Day is right around the corner! It’s one of my favorite holidays and I’m looking forward to this year’s celebrations.

Below is a list of the complete schedule of places that are celebrating thanks to Dyngus Day Buffalo. Also, here is the website to check out as well!



YOU Are Beautiful

you are beautiful

You are beautiful. That was the theme this past Saturday at HEAL BFLO’s event. {H.E.A.L standing for – Health, Energy, Art and Love}. The yoga retreat and wellness event was much different than other health and wellness events that take place. It was more intimate – offering an all-day yoga retreat for those who wanted to participate and on the other side a vendor based event open to the public featuring local boutiques and businesses.


heal bflo

While I didn’t attend the yoga retreat {looking back I wish I did}, when I walked into the Foundry you immediately felt a calmness and community bond at the event. Over 30 vendors participated and the venue was packed with positive energy.


mod nos

To learn more about HEAL BFLO and the ladies behind the event click here and here.


vendor 1



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