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Ashker’s Juice Bar – Bistro – Gallery


1002 Elmwood Avenue* – 400 Main Street (Youngstown, NY)

463 Center Street (Lewiston, NY)


The other day I drove past Ashkers Juice Bar on Elmwood. While I’ve driven past this place multiple times before I decided I would finally stop in and check out what they have to offer. When I walked inside to a semi-packed room, I was greeted by the friendly staff.

As I was waiting for them to make my drink, I took a look at there full menu which to my surprise, I found out they offer more than just juices and smoothies, but breakfast and lunch items as well. As I was observing the room, the atmosphere was relaxed and easygoing. The artwork on the walls is open for customers to purchase, a wide variety of books fill the end tables, and you can sense a vintage style throughout the room.

I was quite happy that I stopped in. The drink I had was delicious. It had beets, raspberries, strawberries, and pineapple in it. If you are on that healthy kick, or just looking for a new place to try out, I highly recommend you stop in and see them.


Pure Deliciousness!
Pure Deliciousness!

A Little Wine-“O” at Just Vino


Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah
Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah

Last night I had the opportunity to catch up with a colleague and friend of mine at one of our favorite “go-to” spots – Just Vino on Main St. in Buffalo. This affordable wine bar in Downtown Buffalo offers a wide array of wines, from Reds and Whites, to Rose’ and Sparkling. They have small plates available to order along with wine flights. They even have a beer selection for those customers who aren’t wine enthusiasts. The decor is rustic with brick walls in the seating area, and their bar is crisp and clean with windows looking out onto Main St. They have great wine experts on hand for any questions you may have. After a long day at the office this is a place you could go, unwind, have a couple laughs and enjoy a glass or two. Cheers!



Just Vino 846 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14202






Happy :)

Half Marathon Here I come

Town Park Run Jan. 2013 One of my goals that I made for 2013 was accomplishing a half marathon (13.1 miles) at the end of May. While I’ve been training for this for a month now, the last time I ran a race was 10 years ago back in high school track. Just the thought alone of completing 13 miles seems impossible after such a long time, but I’m determined to complete it. With temperatures being mild lately, I decided to take my workout outside to get my body used to the different weather conditions that take place in WNY. Buffalo has some great running paths, one of my favorites is Delaware Park. The streets of Elmwood Village, Clarence Bike Path, and Stiglmeier Park have some great trails to name a few. If you want to stick to the inside, UB North’s Campus has a nice indoor track inside their Alumni Arena, so does ECC’s Burt Flickinger Center and Buffalo State College. While this may physically be one of the hardest things I have done to date, I find a certain excitement and determination through the whole process. It makes it a little easier knowing I’m doing this with one of my best friends too.


So Long, Farewell to The Mohawk Place

mohawk place 2013

Whether you’ve ever been to a concert there or not, The Mohawk Place was and will remain in our hearts to be a Buffalo Landmark in downtown Buffalo. Bringing in a variety of bands and people from all over the world throughout the last 20 something years. This venue created memories and instilled a little Rock N’ Roll in all of us. This past weekend they closed there doors one last time, going out with a bang – celebrating a kick ass farewell weekend.

While we will always have the memories, it just won’t be the same. In the words of the staff “Well now, everything dies, baby, that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back…”


WNY Book Arts Poster

Welcome to BANDIT Land!

bandits 2013The Buffalo Bandits opened their season Saturday night to the Minnesota Swarm at the First Niagara Center, winning 13-12. With a crowd of 15,000 in attendance, you can bet the game was intense, the atmosphere fun, invigorating, and full of life. Bandits games are always a good time in my opinion. Tickets are affordable, the team is good, and the fans are diehards. You won’t have a problem being entertained. If you haven’t been to a lacrosse game, try and check one out this season. You won’t be disappointed.

To see the Buffalo Bandits full 2013 schedule go to




Where’s the snow?!?

Buffalo is known for its cold temperatures and lake effect snow, but between last year and this years winter season, we have had mildly warm temps and not a lot of the white stuff. Today alone temperatures are in the mid 50’s and look like there staying that way for the rest of the weekend. While its great weather for taking down the leftover Christmas decorations or going for a nice run or walk, you can bet those skiers and snowboarders in WNY are not liking this weather at all. Hey, I don’t blame them. I grew up in Buffalo and expect snow during the winter months, not this 50 degree weather. I hope Mother Nature is listening and brings back that white stuff…at least for the next few weeks.


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