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Ooo La La Boutique Piggy backing off of my post from yesterday, Ooo La La Boutique in East Aurora is one of Western New York’s best Women’s Fashion Boutique in the area. While there are amazing shops on Elmwood and Hertel, having a women’s fashion boutique in the suburbs is convenient for the people who don’t have the opportunity to go into the city of Buffalo as often as they’d like to.

Ooo La La is owned and operated by the amazing Crista Botticello. This past September Crista expanded her business by having the first Women’s Fashion truck in the area. The Ooo La La Fashion Truck comes fully equipped with the latest trends from NYC and L.A. all while being affordable. The truck also has a changing room on board for anyone who would like to try on anything. And don’t think we forgot about accessories! The truck also is stocked with hot purses and handmade jewelery from local jewelers in town.

Want to know more?!? The Ooo La La Fashion truck is available to book for private parties, special events, and gatherings. For more information and to stay up to date on all the exciting things Ooo La La has coming up for the Spring and Summer of 2013 check out the information below.


                                           Ooo La La Boutique

 663 Main St.

East Aurora, NY 14052

Ooo La La Fashion Truck

On the streets of Buffalo & Western New York

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Ooo La La Fashion Truck


The lovely East Aurora, NY

East Aurora, NY
East Aurora, NY

Over the weekend I headed down the 400 to the lovely East Aurora, NY. About a 30-35 minute drive from Buffalo, Main Street in East Aurora is lined with specialty shops, great restaurants, preserved homes and churches.

For a village that has a population of 6,236 (back in 2010 census) it offers a wide array of activities. From shopping, to eating, to going for a wine tasting at Salut Wine and Spirits or beer sampling at Aurora Brew Works, you can also take the family ice skating at the Healthy Zone Rink . East Aurora is also home of Fisher Price’s Corporate Headquarters, and a landmark, the Roycroft Inn.

It’s a nice village, that has that “old town, USA” feel to it when you are visiting. If you ever have a chance to spend an afternoon there, you will enjoy it.


Some fun facts about East Aurora, NY:

  • East Aurora was one of the first communities to successfully block a Wal-Mart store, in 1995 and again in 1999. The act was led by a community group in an attempt to preserve the small town values, and help support privately owned businesses.
  • Former President of the United States, Millard Fillmore and his wife, Abigail lived in East Aurora, NY from 1826-1830.
  • The town was the home of the inaugural owner of the NHL Franchise Buffalo Sabres, Seymour H. Knox. The Knox Estates, now known as Knox Farm is a 633-acre New York State park.
Aurora Theater
Aurora Theater
Shops on Main St.
Shops on Main St.


Since 1930
Vidler’s has been around since 1930



A little thirsty?

Thirsty Buffalo

Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo is one of the popular areas to go to for food and drink. If you’re a college student or in your 20’s/30’s, you’ve probably been down there at least once. One popular spot is Thirsty Buffalo, on the corner of Elmwood and Anderson Pl. this bar is an awesome spot to go to for drinks and food. You can play darts, watch sports, or just relax and hang out with friends. It was the perfect spot to go this past Saturday to catch up with a friend and have a late afternoon meal and drink.


Just hanging out on a Saturday afternoonOutside of Thirsty Buffalo Style Nachos Pretzels served with 3 dipping sauces Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat Beer

Friday Favorites!

Here are some of my favorite things from this past week. Have a great weekend!


Pepsi Halftime Show
Beyonce’s Performance at the Pepsi Halftime Show
flower-ice-cube idea
Frozen Flower Ice Cube Idea for Cocktails
Winter Snow
Snow we are getting on this lovely Friday
Ooo La La Fashion Truck
The Ooo La La Fashion Truck is a new way to shop. It’ll be at various places next week for Valentine’s Day. Go to to see the schedule. Stop by and say hi!
Research and Design
I’m in love with this new store in Orchard Park.. Research and Design is locally owned. Click on the picture for a link to there Facebook page. Stop by and check them out. Rani and Dennis are awesome!

Great Article I think Everyone Should Read
Great Article from I think Everyone Should Read

7 days away…

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is defined by as “a day for the exchange of tokens of affection.” With it only being one week away, below are some of my thoughts, ideas, and places on where to go around town.

1. My thought: If you love someone you should show them everyday, not just on this one day of the year.

2. If giving a gift.. BE CREATIVE – putting the effort in to think of something outside of the box always means more to the person receiving the gift. It shows you put the thought and time in.

3. If you are giving the classic gift of flowers or chocolate to someone try to get the chocolate that person likes or the flowers that person likes. Wahl’s Candies in Cheektowaga offers a lot of varieties to choose from. Zillycakes on Elmwood is a fun and creative bakery that offers more of a personal touch and North Park Florist offer beautiful floral arrangements.

4. Have a gift and want to have it wrapped in a unique way? Head over to Balloon Masters with your things and they will put your gifts inside a balloon. Its a neat and different way to wrap your gift. (Note: give a few days notice, sometimes it can take up to 24-48 hours to be done).

5. If planning an activity, try something new, maybe a little scavenger hunt around the city, or a new restaurant, or going to a museum. If you both like to be outdoors plan a trip to the Southtowns Chestnut Ridge, Holiday Valley or Kissing Bridge are all nice places to go to this time of year.

While Valentine’s Day is primarily focused on couples, it isn’t just about you and your other half. Its about showing the people you love and care about the most in your life how much you appreciate them.

Regardless of what gifts you receive or what activities you do… Happy (7 days early) Valentine’s Day from me to you.


Buffalo: City of Good Neighbors

Bringing a little cheer to someone's day

The last few days I have been feeling under the weather and yesterday the worst thing could have happened – I was sent home from work. Today I came in to find a platter of cookies sitting on my desk. My co-workers thought I could use a little “cheering” up, knowing I’m a “work-alcoholic” and that I hate missing a day off they thought it would bring a smile to my face.

While not a lot of people think Buffalo is a great city because we lack jobs, are sports teams haven’t been that great, and there’s never anything to do, when you drive into town you will see a sign that says “City of Good Neighbors.” This morning just reaffirms to me why we are a city of good neighbors… whether we are helping shovel people out of there driveways during a snowstorm, or coming together to help raise money for a family who had a house fire, to a simple platter of cookies to brighten someones day, its the little things that count. Buffalo is a community that comes together not just in times of need, but everyday.


Just like old times at Jack’s Place

Jack's Place
Jack’s Place
1424 Millersport Hwy
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 639-0027

Just off of Millersport Highway is a quaint bar called Jack’s Place. Nestled at the end of the plaza this place is pretty low key. A few friends and me used to always go here after our work events. So when asked last week to catch up with them there I couldn’t pass it up. Jack’s is a place where we’d go and have a few drinks, catch up and talk about how ridiculous some people were and still are.

A wide variety of people come in throughout the time your there, people in their 20’s, to people in their 40’s. If your lucky you may even witness a bridal party that comes in from across the street from the Marriott, keeping there wedding festivities going well into the wee hours.

At Jack’s Place you can play darts, play your favorite songs on the jukebox and enjoy the company your with. You can even grab a bite to eat if you want. The next time your in that area stop in and see what its all about.



The Group

Thumbs up

Photos taken courtesy of BZ


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