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City of Night 2014 Recap

CON 2014

Silo City is one of the neatest places in Buffalo nowadays, at least in my eyes. Last year I did a kayaking and walking tour of the grain elevators and learned a lot about the past history in Buffalo. A couple weekends back my friends and I went to City of Night. A night filled with art, history and music. The event is put on by the Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo {ELAB}.

A variety of artists, musicians and local performers came out to show us their talent all while utilizing a unique space – the grain elevators. Some of my favorite moments were seeing Communify Buffalo’s booth, the fire and hula hooping performance, the Chinese lanterns that lit up the sky, the graffiti art inside the silo and the row of food trucks that were on hand for people to experience.

If you have the chance to go to Silo City or to attend City of Night next year, definitely do so. You won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about ELAB click here.


#WorldCup2014 Canalside Buffalo


Sunday Canalside Buffalo held a viewing for the USA vs. Portugal game. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was great and the game was, well so-so. Its great to see a “little” life come back to downtown and what’s even more better is to see all the activities starting to take shape down at canalside.

There were a lot of people who turned out to view the World Cup Soccer game on the big screens, the Cheesy Chick food truck and beverage tents were on hand as well. While I think the viewing screens could have been a little bigger it was nice they were allowing people to bring in their own food and drink, some brought the family down and had picnic’s set up. Those people were smart because they didn’t have to wait in long lines.

There was even what I am calling a “Buffalove” tent set-up for people to purchase Buffalo shirts and pictures. For putting the event together in just a couple days, the turnout was great and people not only showed their American pride in Red, White and Blue, but they showed their Buffalo pride too.




canal 1

canal 3


East Side Tradition



A tradition my family and I have had for many years is going to the Broadway Market and picking up all of our essential Easter needs { eggs, polish sausage, pierogi, butter lamb, platzek, pussy willows, etc. }. As I’ve gotten older I have appreciated the family time more. There’s something about visiting the neighborhood you grew up in and thinking about all the memories you had when you were younger that makes this time of year more special to me. While most people only visit the market during this time of year, it is open ALL year round. If you’ve never been there before there’s still time to make a visit, be prepared to wait in lines and be patient.









{ The essential Easter needs, pastries and beads }



{ A staple in the Broadway Market }


{ A great place to go for all of your Polish souvenir/Dyngus Day needs }


{ Potts Deli – first time eating there and it was great! } 


{ BBQ Hamburger and Potato Pierogi at Potts }


Get A Clue – Buffalo Museum of Science

Friday Night the Buffalo Museum of Science was revamped into the well known board game- Clue! A handful of rooms on the second level of the building had volunteers holding clues to solve the mystery. Teams ran (some did) from room to room trying to figure out the murder mystery to win tickets to Beerology or Star Lights (both are Buffalo Science Museum events).

The event was a lot of fun and had 200 people in attendance. It was an event out of the box, not a same old thing you would attend and you got to walk around the science museum, check things out and have a couple drinks to kill the time.

My only suggestion is letting teams chose times when they register, we arrived at 6pm thinking we would get to start the game right away and we had to wait until the 7:45 spot. Overall though it was a fun night out and our team; Buffalo’s Solving Justice League Kids were close to winning!


get a clue co


get a clue 1

{ Buffalo’s Solving Justice League Kids – #Teamname }

get a clue 2

get a clue 7

get a clue

A taste of the WEBB

Over the weekend I attended my sister’s work party at the Webb, which is an additional venue to Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. I have been to the Webb venue before {it was a venue choice of mine for an event I was possibly going to do}, so when I found out I was attending an event there I was excited to see how the general flow would be, along with trying there food/drink and customer service.

Overall, I love the venue, it is rustic with a little bit of elegance. It was spacious and I feel in a convenient location. If you’re looking for a more intimate and private setting this is the venue to use {if interested in Pearl Street}. The food – from hors’ oeuvres to the buffet was really good. It was a step up from what you would get if you went to dinner at Pearl Street.

The only thing I wasn’t to happy about was the bar service. There were two bartenders which was an adequate amount, but the first time up to the bar the bartender was a little standoffish, making me feel like I was inconveniencing them. As the night went on it went down to one bartender, leaving the bar a little busy. I did like the use of an old piece of furniture they used to re-vamp and display the draft beers on tap, it was a nice touch and fit in with the décor.

All in all it was a nice night and I was happy to attend an event that was “in place” there.

Its a great addition to the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery family.


pearl at the webb


{ Buffalo links }



Buffalo Links to take a look at this week:

1. An event for the ladies – hosted by Kaleida Health, enjoy a Night of Indulgence

2. All of us have had or probably know someone who has been to Hospice, Friday they celebrate their Harvest Festival – if you enjoy wine you’ll enjoy this event

3. Halloween is approaching quickly and with that come Halloween parties like the Knights of St. John’s on Saturday – Halloween Dance

4. Being in Ellicottville this past weekend made me really get into the “Fall” season. They have great places to shop and eat. One of my favorite stores was Kazoo II

5. I was so happy when I saw this article online and found out Gabby from After 5 Events had a hand in the couples special day! Congrats pretty lady!

6. Swirls in East Aurora is amazing!!! Congrats to Mike on creating a great café for anyone to enjoy!

7. Just another pair of shoes I’m obsessed with by Bella Belle Shoes, who by the way make their shoes locally here in Buffalo. You can purchase these online or get them at Ooo La La Boutique

8. The Buffalo News had a good article on the Fort Erie Race Track Tuesday. Since being around for 116 years the track had its last race of the season Tuesday and hope it will be around for years to come.


The Grand Ballroom


:: Photo Collage of the wedding I had a part in this weekend ::

Every time I do an event, I try and make it as perfect as I can while I still know that nothing ever goes as planned, no matter how organized and particular you are as a person. This past weekend I had the privilege to coordinate another wedding at the Statler, it brought back memories of my very first wedding I ever did, a few years back and it was held in the same exact room – The Grand Ballroom. It made me think of how I’ve come so far in such a short amount of time.

While being a planner, I can prepare as much as I’d like and know all the in’s and out’s of everything, but there is always a little bit of nerves that hit me every time I have an event, especially on wedding days. These are my clients most important days of their lives and the last thing I want is for them to worry about anything on their special day, that’s why I am so happy to say that working with the staff at the Statler is hands down one of the best staff I have dealt with in the industry. Jamie, Angelo, Kevin and everyone else that had a part in the reception over the weekend, were amazing, professional, classy and personable. They all made my job so much more easier.

If you are a recently engaged couple and looking for a venue, I highly recommend the Statler. The Statler can also hosts a variety of other events throughout the year- from social events to personal functions. Check them out.





:: Little buggy for the flower girl ::


:: The Ceremony ::


:: Part of the candy table ::


:: Can you guess what the bride’s colors were ::



:: The biggest card box I have ever seen at a wedding ::





:: Part of the powder room, exclusively for the bridesmaids and Bride ::


:: Complimentary champagne and water ::


:: Lovely chaise to sit ::


:: Preparing for the bridal party intro’s on stage – they came out to the Harlem Shake ::


:: Festive Straws ::

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