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Friday Finds!


{Last week at Providence Social I found these shopping carts used as a garden, I love the creativity on their patio!}


{Shooting some boats races for an upcoming boat and car show at the Outer Harbor, this picture gives a beautiful shot of Downtown Buffalo in the background.}


{Last week was my first time shopping inside Half & Half Boutique and I must say I love the store! The mix of clothing and home décor is perfect!}


{Co-worker love at a wedding last week at Flying Bison Brewery. Happy Canada Day, Kayla!}


{The Roaming Table offers an AWESOME food tour of Lewiston, one of the stops was at Orange Cat Coffee and I found this guy inside. Orange Cat is probably my new favorite coffee shop in town, I only wish it was a little closer. See my write up on The Roaming Table in the next couple of days!}

Friday Finds!


Celebrating the first full day of Summer with Make Music Day at Wilkeson Pointe!


A good crowd came out for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Annual Report meeting at Larkinville on Wednesday morning. Larkinville is one of the prettiest places to be in the summer


A behind the scenes tour of the Curtis Hotel was quite fun! The beautiful walls from the original building are stunning. This place is going to be a pretty cool place to go in the Fall


Rooftop views in downtown Buffalo got me smiling from ear to ear


I love this!

Flag Day – A tradition that started in Buffalo


{Flag Day}

Today I’m writing about a tradition that started in Buffalo, Flag Day.

Back in 1891, Sarah Hinson a school teacher, born and raised in Buffalo, NY began the tradition of a formal ceremony of saluting and honoring the flag on the anniversary of the day that the Continental Congress accepted the design of the American flag.

In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson declared Flag Day an official Holiday. Sarah Hinson is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery marked with a flagpole flying the American Flag, and that is a fun fact for the day.

From Wikipedia, “The flag of the United States is one of the nation’s most widely recognized symbols. Throughout the world the flag has been used in public discourse to refer to the United States, not only as a nation, state, government, and set of policies, but also as a set of ideals”


Dancing with Wolves


13434682_10154302908852372_5390534124490270658_n[2] Friday evening myself and Pro Zoo Board Officers attended the Buffalo Zoo’s Catillion. This years theme was Dancing with Wolves. The Catillion is the Buffalo Zoo’s Black Tie Gala put on by the Buffalo Zoological Society’s Board of Directors. The evening was quite nice, the drinks and food were good and the laughs and entertainment post program were even better.

I haven’t attended a Zoo event that I wasn’t volunteering or working at in a long time, so it was really nice to be back on the other side for one night. The Buffalo Zoo is one of the best places in town, if you ask me. To be able to support it and help raise awareness about the animals and their mission are why I volunteer there . Below are some pictures of the fun night out.






{Group Shot}



Fun at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor – Architects of Air

IMG_8912Its Memorial Day weekend and with everyone thinking of their plans – BBQ’s, yard work, etc. one fun thing to do is spend a few hours or the whole day at the Outer Harbor. It’ opening weekend and there is much to do! Grab a bite to eat and drink at the Consumer Beverages “The Pointe” beer garden, rent kayaks from the Longboard Paddle Co. Water rentals aren’t your thing? grab a bike from are bike rental stand and hit up the beautiful trails along the water.



Or stop by the Architects of Air – a luminarium that uses sunlight to create beautiful colors inside an inflatable exhibit. This traveling art piece has come from Nottingham, England and travels the world. It will be at Wilkeson Pointe thru Monday so if you have a morning, afternoon or evening free come check out all the new and exciting things taking place at the Outer Harbor!


See a couple of my photos inside the luminarium below:





From the 716 to the 585


Continuing with my trip to Rochester a couple weekends ago, after paying a  visit to Black Button Distilling, we drove past the Public Market that had ended and then grabbed some food at La Casa a delicious Mexican restaurant {I highly recommend going there!} and then we met up with some of Arica’s co-workers at Swiftwater Brewing. If I had to compare it to a brewery in Buffalo I would say it reminded me of Big Ditch with their big garage style doors and open feeling. That was a pretty cool place and I would definitely go back again.


{La Casa}

Its funny how Rochester is so close, but when I was there I felt like I was on a mini road trip.


Until next time..


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{Swiftwater Brewing}


Comics, Coffee & Bubble Tea at Pulp 716


{Jay & Anthony from Pulp 716}

If you’re looking for a place to go to have fun and just enjoy positivity then Pulp 716 in Lockport is the place to go. A comic book store with amenities such as Bubble Tea, Historically Accurate Coffee, Treats and Games for customers to play, the staff is super friendly and personable – you won’t have a bad experience when you pay a visit.

I was lucky to sit down with Jay who is one of the owners. Immediately after we met he introduced me to the world of Bubble Tea {I was familiar with Bubble Tea from a trip to Rhode Island years ago, but never had it, so this was fun!}. He broke down the variety of flavors they offer {no more than 7 at a time and they rotate them in and out to keep it fresh}. After going over everything with me I had decided on the Peachy Leachy, its was delicious! And a little fact Pulp 716 is the only place in Niagara County to serve Bubble Tea!


After grabbing a drink we sat down and discussed why him and Amy {co-owner} opened the store. After discussions were made between them to move forward with a business, everything fell into place in a short period of time.  In June of this year they will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary. When talking with him I asked what he loves best about being a business owner and he said “I love seeing my own ideas in motion.”

Shortly after are discussion began I asked him what his favorite comic book was and he showed me Wolverine.. the female series. He then brought in Anthony the store manager. I don’t think I ever laughed so much during an interview before. Having a conversation with Jay and Anthony was very relaxed. They both are really easy going and seriously make everyone who walks into the store feel welcome.


Every Wednesday they have new comics that come in and the have subscription customers {so if you are a comic book fan and want to sign up, click here to find out more info}. Pulp 716 offers a huge variety and they touch base on every single thing.

Pulp 716 is not your ordinary comic book store,  focusing on comics first they offer extra amenities to make it feel special. Outside of Bubble Tea they offer Historically Accurate Coffee from the following years 1830, 1927, 1964, 1977, making Pulp 716 the only place in America to have coffee that tastes like the actual year it was made. Its really quite impressive if you ask me, and if you’re a coffee lover you should make the trip out to Lockport for this.


When talking with Jay he mentioned there 3 year plan: year one; have fun, year two; grow internet sales, year three: expansion. So if you’re not in the area and want to purchase comic books, make sure to keep an eye out for purchasing online.

Just some other fun things to know about Pulp 716: its a reader store more than a collectors store. they have 70 titles a week, each staff member is asked to read at least one comic a day and try one new drink too. Pulp 716 is a destination more than a store and they want you to leave with a smile. And on May 7th its FREE Comic Book Day, pay a visit to Pulp 716 as they are giving away comic books.

So if you’re looking for a new place to check out, a place for good company and great service, check out Pulp 716.



{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

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