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This past weekend, I, along with my sister and niece attended FLURRIOUS! an annual winter festival that takes place in Delaware Park. It’s a free event open to the public that provides fun activities throughout the day.

This year, attendees had a variety of activities to participate in, such as, kickball, snow tennis, ice hockey, or sledding in the park. The weather was perfect for this all day event. Snow was on the ground and the temperature was in the mid 20’s, making it a perfect winter day.

Food and drink were available for purchase and live music played as visitors were walking around. Overall its a great winter event to take the family to or to grab a group of friends and form a team for one of the kickball tournaments.


Snow Angels
One of the game areas
One of the game areas

Flurrious! Collage



Me and Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly and I (right side picture)


I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon for my work a couple weeks ago. It was hosted by the Kelly for Kids Foundation who’s Founder and President is the one and only Jim Kelly (past quarterback for the Buffalo Bills). Kelly for Kids is committed to serving disadvantaged and disabled youth in Western New York through distribution of grant money raised throughout the year.

While I’ve worked with Jim in the past doing promotions for the radio station, being able to hear him speak about his viewpoints on community involvement, volunteering, and non-for-profit work simply inspired me more to want to make a difference in this world.

Since I started volunteering for a handful of non-profits five years ago I have always found volunteering to be very rewarding. To me the gift you receive by helping others in need is priceless. Nothing compares to how you feel after helping someone. Hearing Jim speak and seeing what an influence he is on people in the WNY community has encouraged me to continue my efforts to help make this WNY community a better place.

While I know we (myself included) all lead busy lives, sometimes from time to time the best thing you can do for yourself is to take a step back and figure out what really matters.


So Long, Farewell to The Mohawk Place

mohawk place 2013

Whether you’ve ever been to a concert there or not, The Mohawk Place was and will remain in our hearts to be a Buffalo Landmark in downtown Buffalo. Bringing in a variety of bands and people from all over the world throughout the last 20 something years. This venue created memories and instilled a little Rock N’ Roll in all of us. This past weekend they closed there doors one last time, going out with a bang – celebrating a kick ass farewell weekend.

While we will always have the memories, it just won’t be the same. In the words of the staff “Well now, everything dies, baby, that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back…”


WNY Book Arts Poster

Strike a Pose



Elmwood Ave.

Over this past weekend, my friend Lacey took some photos of me for my blog. While I can say with confidence, I could never, ever, be a model, it was fun to take some pictures for a few hours. Take a look at a few of my favorite shots below.


   Stairs of City Hall                  On the stairs of City Hall    

            All America City   Main St fun

              Buffalo “All-America City”    Strike a pose on Main St.

                                Delaware Park

                                           Delaware Park





All photos you see here were taken courtesy of my amazing friend and amazing photographer Lacey J.

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