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Friday Favorites!

Its the Holiday weekend and I’m gearing up for the Buffalo Marathon on Sunday, but tonight I’m excited to meet the guys at Rusty Nickel Brewing Co. {stay tuned for my post on them next week}. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



{Fireworks from last week’s Friday Night Bash – post game}

naval park

{Canalside is one of my favorite go to spots to walk around and catch up with friends on my lunch break}

naval park garden

{The smell of fresh flowers- one of my favorite things}


{Another sushi spot in the suburbs that I enjoyed – Kumo}

Friday Favorites!

One of the biggest struggles I find myself dealing with over the last couple of weeks is finding the time to go out and explore and just do random tours or attend an “unplanned” event. It’s trying to find that balance between my work and social life, while not getting to crazy and wearing myself to thin.

I think, {like a majority of people feel} there is not enough time in the day or we think we can push off something to another day. Sometimes I think that’s acceptable, but right now I just think something is missing and I’ve been trying to find that spark.

Regardless of how I have been feeling lately, here are a few pictures I took from this past week that have made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend!



{A walk to Canalside – new artwork up}


{Spring is here}


{Spending Mother’s Day with my Mom at Resurgence Brewery}

chicago - millennium park

{This awesome kids park in Chicago – this is amazing! It would be cool to see this in Buffalo}

Friday Favorites!

Its been so nice the last few days and this weekend looks great too. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and to all the Mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Here are a few things that made me smile this week.



{ The Public on Main St.}


{First grill of the season!}

newbury salad and squeeze

{Yummy salad and juice from Newbury St and Squeeze Juicery}

don tequila

{I’ll take a margarita on the rocks! Don Tequila style}


{Just soaking in some sun}

Friday Favorites!


{Sipping on a margarita and enjoying people watching at Cantina Loco}


{My fortune from PF Changs}

I ran into a lot of positive messages this week while I was out and about.  I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are a few places that made me smile this week.


sunshine and birds

{Sunshine and Birds at the Walden Galleria Mall}

shirt - ooo la la

{I love this shirt from Ooo La La Boutique, on the back is a big anchor}

buffalo zoo

{The Polar Bear exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo, I can’t wait for the Artic Edge exhibit to open in the Fall}

Friday Favorites!

After what was a beautiful weekend (last week), this week has been kind of dreary. I’m hoping the sunshine that is scheduled for today thru Sunday gives me some energy to get  things done that I have on my to do list. Enjoy your weekend!




chalk {I’m no artist, but I love drawing with chalk outside}

jack devines

{Jack Devine’s in the Southtowns – I love the big bar they have}


{Nothing beats flowers and a glass of Riesling on a Sunday}


{Pho – check out my blog post on Kaydara Noodle Bar next week}


{Not only do they {Oshun} offer a great dinner menu, but there lunch menu is pretty impressive too!}

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! Here are some things that made me smile around town this past week.

Enjoy your weekend!

salt and pepper abv

I loved the vibe at Allen Burger Venture and these salt and pepper shakers were pretty cool too!

delaware park

A Sunday run through Delaware Park is always nice – especially after the winter we had!


Canalside on my lunch break

naval park

A spot I always enjoy visiting – the Naval Park!

Friday Favorites!

It’s finally Friday and here are 5 things that made me smile this week. Have a nice weekend!

central terminal 2015

{The Buffalo Central Terminal will still always amaze me}

pussy willows

{An Easter tradition – a batch of pussy willows}

lloyds - dyngus day 2015

{Its not Tyskie, but Zywiec beer and Lloyds on Dyngus Day works for me!}


{Cookie Dough Iced Coffee is back at Dunkin’ Donuts!}

opening day

{Baseball season is officially under way at Coca Cola Field}

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