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national coffee day

I don’t usually celebrate all of these National food or beverage days, but when it comes to coffee I’ll make an exception. So I thought I would share a list of my favorite coffee shops to go in town. And some coffee shops that I still have to check out.


My go to spots:

Spot Coffee – I change my order depending on my mood

Perks Café & Market – I just recently went here for a meeting and it is probably one of my new favorite places to go downtown

Public Espresso – for the days I just need an extra pick me up

Tim Hortons – classic medium coffee with cream, sugar and a shot of Mint or Vanilla

Places I want to check out:

Daily Planet Coffee – 1862 Hertel Ave.

Sweetness 7 Café – 301 Parkside or 220 Grant St.

Kornerstone Coffee – Coffee Delivery



A Hidden Gem in Newfane

gordies 5

Part of my adventure on Saturday with Kate and Brian was a stop to Gordie Harper’s Bazaar. A place I came across on social media and it landed on my bucket list of places to go. A restaurant {serving breakfast until 2pm}, lunch and dinner. With an added touch of shopping antiques and flea market finds, making it a fun place to visit. On a beautiful day you can sit outside on the patio and enjoy the pretty flowers, fresh air and good conversation.

gordies 3

The food we had was delicious – I had the Chicken in the Grass sandwich, Kate had a Veggie Burger and Brian had the Sirloin Steak Sandwich.  Gordie’s seems to be a favorite with the locals in Newfane and if you’re coming in from the City of Buffalo you can’t find anything like this {at least I haven’t yet} “back home.”


gordies patio

{Patio seating}

gordies 2

{A classic record player}

gordies harpar

{Flea Market Finds}

#BuffaloLinks – Distillery Edition


Clayton Distillery down the 90 to Clayton, NY their slushies {for adults} are delicious! And strong. They are right next door to miniature golf making it a fun afternoon of activities if you’re visiting the 1,000 Islands


Buffalo Distilling Company– offering Apple Brandy and One Foot Cock Bourbon you can find their product in local liquor stores and at Larkinville.


Tommy Rotter Distillery on Seneca St. is a NYS farm distillery – their vodka is smooth yet tasty making it one of the only liquor I could drink on the rocks. They also offer Gin as well.


{Niagara Distilling photo from Facebook}

The only product I haven’t tried out of the list – Niagara Distilling Co. located on Ellicott St. uses organic grain for the distilled process. With a 1,500 square foot tasting and retail space they are on my list of places to visit.

8 Lunch Spots to Check Out Downtown

photo 1

Today I’m talking about places to go on lunch if you work downtown. Its always nice to get out of the office and walk around if you can, so I’ve compiled a list of places to check out for your next lunch meeting or just to get out of the office for a little bit.

Code Blu Juice Bar – now at Canalside and offering salads as well as juice – tables are set-up over the bridge to sit and enjoy people watching to grab and go if you’re in a time crunch.

Liberty Hound – a great place to take in the views while enjoying some great plates

Clinton’s Dish – the stand has come along way offering wraps, sandwiches and salads and ice cream. Its a great spot to go.

Roux – Soup Bar & Café inside the Buffalo News Building (5th Floor) – offers soup and sandwiches and is a great place to go for a quick meal.

pearl street

Pearl Street is always a good spot to go – especially if its nice out – the patio is a great spot for a work meeting or a lunch date with friends.

Vasilis on Main St. is always a great place to go as well – offering a wide array of food options.

The Archer is a great place to hold a lunch meeting for work.

Fables Café inside the Buffalo Erie County Library offers soup, sandwiches and salads. Enjoy a bite to eat and grab a book to read.



Japanese Cuisine in the Suburbs


{The Caterpillar roll}

kumo 2

 A couple weeks ago my friend Lauren introduced me to a new sushi restaurant in the suburbs – Kumo Cuisine. It’s located in the Target plaza on Transit Road in Depew. While you would think it’s a small place from the outside, you walk in to this very spacious and relaxing restaurant. Cute Asian accents compliment the tables and walls and the variety of sushi they offer is incredible. For an affordable price you can choose some of your favorites or even try new rolls. Definitely another place on my list of places to go back to and its close to home.


kumo sushi

{Sushi rolls and appetizers}

Cinco de Mayo


Happy Cinco de Mayo! While you could whip up a nice margarita at home or at almost any bar in town, below are my top places to celebrate this day around town! Cheers!




A Monday Night at the noodle bar


FullSizeRender (5)

Last Monday, my friend, Nicole and I met for are monthly girls night out, it was long over due, but we went to Kaydara noodle bar on Main St. downtown {its down the street from Sheas, right off the 33}. We literally had the whole place to ourselves. We chose a table by the window looking out onto Main St. Our waiter {I forgot his name} was awesome, he walked us through the menu and specials and even suggested hitting up another restaurant in the area for drinks after dinner. The food was so good and different – not a bad different, but something you don’t really see in Buffalo – at least I’m not familiar with other noodle bars in town.

They are open for both lunch and dinner, the food is fresh and you can see them making it in their open kitchen. Note though, if you want to order alcoholic drinks you won’t be able to, at least not until later this summer when they have their liquor license.


chop sticks

{Delicious cucumber water to accompany are dinner}

noodle bar

{One of the many sitting areas – the Bar}

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