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A little thirsty?

Thirsty Buffalo

Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo is one of the popular areas to go to for food and drink. If you’re a college student or in your 20’s/30’s, you’ve probably been down there at least once. One popular spot is Thirsty Buffalo, on the corner of Elmwood and Anderson Pl. this bar is an awesome spot to go to for drinks and food. You can play darts, watch sports, or just relax and hang out with friends. It was the perfect spot to go this past Saturday to catch up with a friend and have a late afternoon meal and drink.


Just hanging out on a Saturday afternoonOutside of Thirsty Buffalo Style Nachos Pretzels served with 3 dipping sauces Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat Beer

Just like old times at Jack’s Place

Jack's Place
Jack’s Place
1424 Millersport Hwy
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 639-0027

Just off of Millersport Highway is a quaint bar called Jack’s Place. Nestled at the end of the plaza this place is pretty low key. A few friends and me used to always go here after our work events. So when asked last week to catch up with them there I couldn’t pass it up. Jack’s is a place where we’d go and have a few drinks, catch up and talk about how ridiculous some people were and still are.

A wide variety of people come in throughout the time your there, people in their 20’s, to people in their 40’s. If your lucky you may even witness a bridal party that comes in from across the street from the Marriott, keeping there wedding festivities going well into the wee hours.

At Jack’s Place you can play darts, play your favorite songs on the jukebox and enjoy the company your with. You can even grab a bite to eat if you want. The next time your in that area stop in and see what its all about.



The Group

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A little taste of Allen Street

Dinner at a local bar/restaurant Gabriel's Gate on Allen St.
Dinner and drinks at a local bar/restaurant Gabriel’s Gate on Allen St.

Allen Street in Buffalo is known for its artistic and chill atmosphere. Funky bars and restaurants are lined up and down the street and its a great place to go if you aren’t into the downtown “club” feel. Last week, a couple friends and me went to Gabriel’s Gate for some food and drink. The menu offers a variety of foods to chose from and the bar is well stocked with different alcohol, accommodating almost anyone who walks in. Its a nice place to go with that someone special for a nice relaxing dinner, you can even sit by the fireplace. If your planning a night out this week check them out. Gabriel’s Gate is located at 145 Allen St. Buffalo, NY 14201


Gabriels Gate

Drinks from Gabriels Gate
Cheers!! 3 drinks for 3 ladies at Gabriels Gate

Are you ready for some football?

One of the photos entered into the Pepsi contest

Are you ready for some football?!? Superbowl Sunday is just a few days away and while the Buffalo Bills aren’t playing in the game you can bet I’ll still be watching along with the millions of other people. I’m indifferent to either team winning as I like both the Baltimore Ravens (I liked them more when they had former Buffalo Bill, Lee Evans on the team) and the 49ers.

More importantly I’m excited to see one of my favorite performers Beyonce perform during the Halftime Show. Earlier this month I entered in the Pepsi contest to try and get on the field for her performance, while that’s not happening, the pictures I submitted may still be used during her performance which is still pretty cool.

While the main point of the Superbowl is watching the football game, we all gather at someones home or go out to a bar or restaurant to watch the game. Food is an important factor for this big event whether your staying low key or doing it up big. Below are some of the best Superbowl party foods to have for your party. Now let’s just hope the game is fun and entertaining!

Top 5 Foods to have at your Superbowl Party

  1. Chicken Wings (that’s a given)
  2. Chili
  3. Pizza
  4. Dips/Spreads (spinach dip, chicken wing dip, bread dip, cheese platters, crackers, etc)
  5. Vegetables (for those watching what they eat)


Superbowl logo


Pepsi Halftime Show
Pepsi Halftime Show


Chocolate Decadence


Wahl's Candies  A box of Chocolate coverd Cherries & 1 Buttercream Raspberry
Wahl’s Candies
A box of Chocolate covered Cherries & 1 Buttercream Raspberry


The other day my Grandma celebrated her 87th birthday. For this important day I wanted to get her something special, so I stopped at Wahl’s Candies by my house to pick up her favorite treat, chocolate covered cherries!

When I walked into the store I was surrounded by a variety of different types of chocolates and gifts, just like you would at any other chocolate shop. What made this experience different was knowing I was walking into a family owned and operated business that has been in WNY since the mid 1930’s. I had never been in the store before so of course I had to get a piece of chocolate for myself. I tried one of the Buttercream Milk Chocolate Raspberry’s. It was delicious! 🙂

Located at 130 Losson Road in Cheektowaga, NY, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, make sure to stop in and try one of their delicious chocolates. They won’t disappoint.


Freshly Squeezed


Ashker’s Juice Bar – Bistro – Gallery


1002 Elmwood Avenue* – 400 Main Street (Youngstown, NY)

463 Center Street (Lewiston, NY)


The other day I drove past Ashkers Juice Bar on Elmwood. While I’ve driven past this place multiple times before I decided I would finally stop in and check out what they have to offer. When I walked inside to a semi-packed room, I was greeted by the friendly staff.

As I was waiting for them to make my drink, I took a look at there full menu which to my surprise, I found out they offer more than just juices and smoothies, but breakfast and lunch items as well. As I was observing the room, the atmosphere was relaxed and easygoing. The artwork on the walls is open for customers to purchase, a wide variety of books fill the end tables, and you can sense a vintage style throughout the room.

I was quite happy that I stopped in. The drink I had was delicious. It had beets, raspberries, strawberries, and pineapple in it. If you are on that healthy kick, or just looking for a new place to try out, I highly recommend you stop in and see them.


Pure Deliciousness!
Pure Deliciousness!

A Little Wine-“O” at Just Vino


Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah
Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah

Last night I had the opportunity to catch up with a colleague and friend of mine at one of our favorite “go-to” spots – Just Vino on Main St. in Buffalo. This affordable wine bar in Downtown Buffalo offers a wide array of wines, from Reds and Whites, to Rose’ and Sparkling. They have small plates available to order along with wine flights. They even have a beer selection for those customers who aren’t wine enthusiasts. The decor is rustic with brick walls in the seating area, and their bar is crisp and clean with windows looking out onto Main St. They have great wine experts on hand for any questions you may have. After a long day at the office this is a place you could go, unwind, have a couple laughs and enjoy a glass or two. Cheers!



Just Vino 846 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14202






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