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Wednesday’s Women Who Move Buffalo {Revolution Buffalo}

Today on the blog I’m sharing my excitement and love for Revolution Buffalo, a newer indoor cycling studio located on Delaware Ave. Check it out below!

rev buf 5

{ “We are not tired, we are strong” – Rachel McCrone }

Behind these green doors are three women who are strong, smart, talented, an inspiration and above all else, kind. They have created a positive atmosphere that no one can break and its called Revolution Indoor Cycling {or as I call it Revolution Buffalo}. Rachel, Amanda and Colleen took on this new adventure, a fitness studio that combines these three things :: Mind, Body and Community.

I had the privilege of taking a class this past Saturday with Rachel before interviewing Colleen and I was scared and excited. I didn’t know what to expect. While I’ve taken spin classes before I was opening my world to something brand new – TRX and let me tell you, what an awesome class it was! It was tough, but fun!

All three women met through the fitness industry and mutual friends and have wanted to open their own studio. Amanda and Rachel were the masterminds behind the project and reached out to Colleen to join in on the fun! What makes Revolution Buffalo different from other studios in the area is they want to be a part of something big. Not only do they offer intimate classes, everyone who attends a class has something in common, they want to be healthy.

Revolution promotes “an active lifestyle, social engagement and community good.” So even though they are known for and pride themselves on a combination of both spinning and TRX, after you take a class you can go down the street and volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House with them. Its about doing something different,  spreading good vibes in the community after you spend an hour working out together.

What I found exciting during my interview with Colleen was, she is from Rochester and came to Buffalo for school and once she arrived, she didn’t leave. When I asked her what she loves best about this area she said it has to be the people. She said she feels more at home and part of a family here. We are a special community and we latch onto other good people and create great things. She also added she enjoys the food and entertainment this area offers.

If you take anything away from this post today take away this: Revolution Buffalo has amazing clientele. It doesn’t matter if you’re the fittest of the fit {if that makes sense} or if you’re just starting out, you are accepted for you! All three women make you feel comfortable and motivate you! When you end you workout and leave Revolution you not only feel great about yourself, you have a better outlook on your day ahead. It creeps out into all aspects of your life and that’s that biggest takeaway anyone could have.

Revolution offers a lot of amenities –  a shower with all of the bells and whistles {local toiletries from Renew Bath & Body, shower towels, hair ties, blow dryer, mouthwash, q-tips – anything you may forget and need to get ready post workout}. They also clean all of the equipment after each class for each client. These are little things that add up and help clients get back to their families, jobs and homes faster and more efficiently.

On top of the pretty amazing amenities Revolution offers, they have student and military discounts among other specials you can find on their website. They will also be hosting Rev Community events and challenges throughout the year so the best thing to do is follow them on social media {Facebook, Twitter, Instagram}.

From the moment I walked into Revolution Buffalo I was greeted with smiles, hand shakes and hugs. All three women are amazing in their own way and offer something unique to the business they’re in. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share their story and have them in my life. Not only do they do great things for the fitness world, they are doing great things in the community. If you haven’t taken a class with them or are looking for a place to go, I highly suggest Revolution. From the moment you walk through the doors you’ll fall in love and feel stronger with each step you take.

Thank you ladies for letting me share your story!




{The wonderful Colleen, showing us some work on the ropes}


{I love the décor they have in their studio}



{The studio}


{Amanda getting her spin class ready to ride}

Tuesday Toughness!


Today’s fitness center I’m featuring is a pretty popular one. Catalyst Fitness has 4 locations located throughout Western New York and offers more than just group fitness classes. They have cardio areas, weight training, juice bars, personal training, a child center for children to hang out in while you work out and much more. I’ve been a member at Catalyst for a number of years and outside of being clean, I love that the staff is personable and friendly.

While I would only take a group class here and there, now I find myself wanting to take more and the one and only reason being, Morgan is the Group Fitness Director. Yes, I may be showing a little {or a lot} of favoritism, but she is one of the best. I know I will get a good workout and I won’t get bored with it. It helps that she has a great outlook on life and it rubs off on you when you take anyone of her classes too.

For more info on Catalyst check out their website and see what they have to offer! And make sure to follow Morgan on Instagram! and Sweat Buffalo!


Motivation Monday!

bikeorbar marquee

I thought I would kick off this week by giving you all a little motivation for the next 5 days. For a lot of people a new year, means getting healthy, working out and joining a gym. With that said I’ve decided to highlight my favorite places to workout in Western New York. All locally owned and awesome to go to. Each place that I will be talking about this week is unique in their own way and have a lot of Buffalo Pride.

But!…Before I do anything else I just want to put this out there, I will be the first to admit, I am not a size 2 and for as much as I workout I still find a lot of things challenging. There are times I’m scared to try to take new classes or go to a new place because I feel like I may not be as good as the others are in the class, but you can’t be scared to try new things. By not trying you don’t accomplish anything. I am no fitness expert, but I will say since taking different classes and switching up my workout from time to time, I’ve learned to be more comfortable in my skin and yes I still may get a little nervous taking a new class, but at the end of the day its your life and you should do things you want to do and not let nerves or fear stand in your way.

With that being said, today I’m featuring an all time favorite of mine BikeorBar! Alex and her team are amazing! They motivate you to reach your goals and get the workout you’re looking for. Located in the heart of the Elmwood Village, BikeorBar offers more than just indoor cycling {known as spinning}. They have CrosSpin, Barre, Rowing and newer classes :: Surfset, Tai Chi and Pound {I haven’t taken this class yet, but it looks awesome!}.

These are fitness classes that you can’t find at other places. The classes are affordable and fun making you want to come back and take more. One of the things I love best about BikeorBar is that they take a chance on trying different fitness classes. They bring in new ideas, if it works they keep it and if it doesn’t they think of something better. If you haven’t checked out BikeorBar yet, well what are you waiting for?!?

For their class schedule click here.

Make sure to follow them on social media {FacebookTwitter, Instagram}


{*Please note the photos posted today are from BikeorBar’s Instagram Account.*}

bikeorbar chalkboard

{New wall décor! I love their Buffalove!}

bikeorbar drink special

{Fitness Cocktails that they feature at Savoy Buffalo on Elmwood}


{Women Who Move Buffalo} Rachael Hughes from Barre Centric


{Rachael Hughes, Co-Owner Barre Centric. Photo taken at Buffalo Location 1526 Main St. Buffalo}

I’m so excited to feature Rachael Hughes co-owner of Barre Centric on my blog today. Barre Centric all got started when friends, Rachael and co-owner Gia went looking for a place that offered a unique fitness regime that offered people the opportunity to strengthen, tone and plié.

Rachael and Gia opened their first Barre fitness studio location in Clarence, NY in 2012. Her and Gia were back at it in 2014 opening their second Barre fitness studio in downtown Buffalo. Let me tell you, the studio is amazing! When looking for their second location Rachael and Gia knew they wanted a renovated building. Not only is the Buffalo location fresh, fun and new, it brings a whole new light to Main St. downtown.

Rachael says the best thing about having your own business is, “meeting different clients and helping them reach their own fitness goals.” Everyone comes in and takes classes for different reasons and its fun to help each one of my clients meet their goals. For those who are taking a Barre class for the first time, the best advice Rachael gives, is to not be intimated and be patient, it takes at least 5-6 classes to pick up on the techniques.

What makes Barre Centric stand out from other Barre classes and fitness centers? Barre Centric always offer specials and promotions throughout the year. From student discounts, Bridal specials and New Mom specials to a Suns Out, Buns Out, 10 week program that starts before the summer season, there’s specials for everyone. The best part is, Barre Centric is independently, locally owned and operated, meaning all the money stays in the local community.

When I asked Rachael what she loves most about Buffalo she said “everything from the food to the people is what I love most.”

After my interview with Rachael, I stayed to take my first “official” Barre class at Barre Centric and from someone who works out regularly, it was different, in a good way. It was challenging and fun and went by fast. The class was about an hour long, but didn’t feel like an hour because you were constantly doing different exercises. I highly recommend taking a class. Rachael is an awesome fitness instructor and amazing business owner who moves Buffalo forward!

In the beginning of the interview, Rachael shared a quote with me that stuck with her when she began her Barre Centric journey and it stuck with me. It is “what you seek, is seeking you.” Sometimes the things we are looking for are actually looking for us. Don’t ever give up. Thank you Rachael for sharing that with me and for taking the time out to let me share your story.

For more on Barre Centric’s classes click here and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Make sure to also keep an eye out for Ashker’s Juice Bar opening next door to Barre Centric soon!



 {Buffalo location, class schedule}


{The studio}


{I love the quotes throughout the studio}




Making Changes Has Great Rewards


September marks one year of me being introduced to these ladies, “the Bitches” as we are called. I will never forget my first class. Walking in I didn’t know what to expect, I was a little scared, intimidated and nervous, but that first class was one of the best classes I ever took. Not only did it open my world into a new healthier living style, but it gave me an opportunity to meet a wide array of personalities.

Saturday we went out to celebrate our trainer, Morgan’s new chapter in her career and with that came a different, {a nice different} atmosphere with “the Bitches.” We always only see each other when we are working out, but to be out of that environment and to have crazy, funny conversations at dinner made me reconfirm the decision I made a year ago, one of the best decisions I made.

The point of this post is not to tell people to go and workout {even though exercise does have a lot of positive outcomes}, but it is more the point to share my experience with you. I took a risk to try something different, something new {even though it was a small risk}, but the outcome of that decision was a great one. I met a great group of people, learned more about health and fitness and have memories that I will take with me for a long time.

So thank you “Bitches” for a great first year! And thank you Morgan, for listening to me bitch {lol} and teaching me a lot, not only about healthy living, but life in general.


To train with Morgan, keep up to date by following Sweat Buffalo on Facebook and BikeorBar.

A Sweat Session at Lululemon


Lululemon Buffalo has welcomed different instructors from all fitness regimes to their store over the last couple of months. This past Sunday was no different, bringing in a sweat session with Sweat Buffalo. Now I may be showing a little “favoritism” because I’ve been training with Morgan for the past year and she has taught me a lot about fitness, but her and Aubrey brought the heat on Sunday. Incorporating cardio, strength training and yoga, you left feeling tired { the good tired } and sweaty!

Sunday classes at Lululemon are free and last about an hour, after each class you are welcome to stay and shop the store. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to try a new class. You can see if you like the instructor and if the workout is what you were really looking for.

For more info on Sweat Buffalo click here

And for a list of upcoming classes at Lululemon click here


Photos below are from Lululemon’s facebook page:







Hello September…


September has arrived, kids are back to school, Labor Day has passed and everyone is preparing for their pumpkin spiced lattes. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but we still have a few more weeks until the season actually arrives.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to enjoying some of these things this month:

Football Season is back and I can’t wait to be back at the Ralph on September 14th for the Buffalo Bills home opener.

With more time on my hands now I’m looking forward to checking out some of these restaurants that I haven’t been to yet. Oshun – Seafood Restaurant, Public House, New food truck Philly Flattop, and Squeeze Juicery.

The weather is still nice enough to go outside get some fresh air and get a good workout in. Going for hikes, taking yoga classes and just running along the harbor are also on my list of things to do for this month.

The Lake Erie Pub CrawlBallpark Brew Bash and checking out Her Story Boutique’s one of a kind perfume bar are some of the activities I have on my “agenda.”

What are some things you have planned for this month? Whatever you may have planned make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy it!



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