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Comics, Coffee & Bubble Tea at Pulp 716


{Jay & Anthony from Pulp 716}

If you’re looking for a place to go to have fun and just enjoy positivity then Pulp 716 in Lockport is the place to go. A comic book store with amenities such as Bubble Tea, Historically Accurate Coffee, Treats and Games for customers to play, the staff is super friendly and personable – you won’t have a bad experience when you pay a visit.

I was lucky to sit down with Jay who is one of the owners. Immediately after we met he introduced me to the world of Bubble Tea {I was familiar with Bubble Tea from a trip to Rhode Island years ago, but never had it, so this was fun!}. He broke down the variety of flavors they offer {no more than 7 at a time and they rotate them in and out to keep it fresh}. After going over everything with me I had decided on the Peachy Leachy, its was delicious! And a little fact Pulp 716 is the only place in Niagara County to serve Bubble Tea!


After grabbing a drink we sat down and discussed why him and Amy {co-owner} opened the store. After discussions were made between them to move forward with a business, everything fell into place in a short period of time.  In June of this year they will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary. When talking with him I asked what he loves best about being a business owner and he said “I love seeing my own ideas in motion.”

Shortly after are discussion began I asked him what his favorite comic book was and he showed me Wolverine.. the female series. He then brought in Anthony the store manager. I don’t think I ever laughed so much during an interview before. Having a conversation with Jay and Anthony was very relaxed. They both are really easy going and seriously make everyone who walks into the store feel welcome.


Every Wednesday they have new comics that come in and the have subscription customers {so if you are a comic book fan and want to sign up, click here to find out more info}. Pulp 716 offers a huge variety and they touch base on every single thing.

Pulp 716 is not your ordinary comic book store,  focusing on comics first they offer extra amenities to make it feel special. Outside of Bubble Tea they offer Historically Accurate Coffee from the following years 1830, 1927, 1964, 1977, making Pulp 716 the only place in America to have coffee that tastes like the actual year it was made. Its really quite impressive if you ask me, and if you’re a coffee lover you should make the trip out to Lockport for this.


When talking with Jay he mentioned there 3 year plan: year one; have fun, year two; grow internet sales, year three: expansion. So if you’re not in the area and want to purchase comic books, make sure to keep an eye out for purchasing online.

Just some other fun things to know about Pulp 716: its a reader store more than a collectors store. they have 70 titles a week, each staff member is asked to read at least one comic a day and try one new drink too. Pulp 716 is a destination more than a store and they want you to leave with a smile. And on May 7th its FREE Comic Book Day, pay a visit to Pulp 716 as they are giving away comic books.

So if you’re looking for a new place to check out, a place for good company and great service, check out Pulp 716.



{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

Touring the Fontana Boathouse

IMG_8564This past Saturday my Mom and I attended Explore Buffalo’s tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fontana Boathouse. For Explore Buffalo pass holders the tour was free and for non members it was $10. You learned about the building structure, how the Boathouse was brought to Buffalo and what the building is used for today. Saturday was a little chilly, but the views by the water were spectacular.


{view of Lake Erie from inside upstairs}


{Outside on the balcony}

The tour was approximately one hour in length which for me was perfect because sometimes if tours are to long I kind of space out. I learned about a little history, got to take some nice pictures and spent a nice afternoon with my Mom at a place I haven’t been to yet. If you’ve been to any of Frank Lloyd Wrights other buildings in the area {Darwin Martin House, Graycliff Estate} then you should put this one on your list of places to see this summer.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{it wouldn’t be complete without a selfie of my Mom and me}


{Outside view}


{Downstairs storage}




65 Niagara Square – Buffalo, NY


A few weeks back I took a {Free, donation based} tour of City Hall on my lunch break. It was hosted by Preservation Buffalo Niagara  and it was one of the best tours I have taken. Not only did I learn about the inside and outside of the historic building, but I also learned about the history of Buffalo, the surrounding buildings and the group got to stop in the Mayor’s Office, Council Chambers and Observation Deck. Below are some pictures I took while on the tour. If you ever have the opportunity to take this tour I highly suggest you do. For a list of dates in the month of April click here.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{Council Chambers ceiling}



















An East Side Treasure


{R&L Lounge}

Imagine going into a place where the owners of the business stopped what they were doing and got to know their guests. Ron and Lottie from  R & L Lounge did just that. Growing up on Fillmore and attending St. Stanislaus, the east side is a neighborhood close to my heart and to see and remember how the neighborhood was when I was little and to see it now gets me a little sad. But then to meet Ron and Lottie who have an old fashioned conversation with you when you walk into their bar, they tell you stories, listen to yours and make you feel so welcome, it makes me feel better.



{Ron sharing stories with my Dad}

This past Saturday my Dad, Mom and friends of the family joined me as we visited this East Side Treasure, we drank Tyskie, tasted homemade Krupnik and had a lot of laughs while listening to polka music. For that afternoon it felt good to not be connected to the world on my phone, through social media, but rather hear of the stories from years ago and reminisce on when I was a kid. If you’re looking for a good ol’ fashion conversation, delicious and homemade pierogi, golumpki, or fish fry’s R& L Lounge is a place to visit.




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Hitched 716

Reeds 2

Yesterday I was invited to the Reeds Jenss press conference to announce an exciting contest for newly engaged couples and couples thinking of getting engaged here in Western New York. Win the wedding of you dreams by entering Hitched 716 ! Reeds Jenss along with their local partners, Oliver’s Catering, Maureen’s Flowers, Muscoreil’s Fine Desserts, Buffalo Limousine, Blue Spa, The Mansion on Delaware, Christopher Scinta Photography and travel from the Travel Team are all teaming up to give one lucky couple the wedding of a lifetime!  Click here for a complete list of contest rules and eligibility.  The contest entry period began April 4 and runs through June 30, 2016. Winners will be picked on or around October 3, 2016. 10 finalists are voted on between August 15-31st. If you are newly engaged and just starting to plan your wedding this is a huge opportunity, we all know weddings can be very expensive and stressful and with the help of Reeds and their partners, it will surely be a fun, memorable experience!

Good luck!

Jeffrey Zimmer of Reeds/Jenss talking with media

Hitched 716Reeds 3


Think Spring! Things to do around town in April

think spring 2016

Its hard to believe its April and there is snow on the ground today, well really, I guess not, I mean it is Buffalo. Regardless of what it is doing outside, there is plenty to do around town this month. Here is my list of some events and activities that caught my eye this month.

Take a fun tour with Explore Buffalo – whether its at the Fontana Boat House or an architectural tour you’re bound to have fun and learn more about WNY

When I think of April I think of baseball and even though the Major League teams opening day was yesterday and today, the hometown team {The Buffalo Bisons} kickoff their season on the road this Thursday and are at home on April 14th #seizetheseason

Fern Croft Floral is hosting a class on Floral arrangements April 23rd…this comes at the perfect time, gardening season is right around the corner.

Makers Buffalo has a lot of fun DIY classes this month, Macramé Hanging Plants on 4/12, Pidge Podge is back with a weaving workshop on 4/30 and in between those dates there is so much more taking place! For a complete list of classes click here

Buffalo State College’s Fashion and Textile program is hosting Runway ECOLUTION April 16th. For tickets click here.

Resurgence is hosting a Toy Brewbash on 4/14. For more details you can go here.

The new EXPO Market downtown is hosting their Grand Opening on April 18 & 19th. If you haven’t checked out the popular downtown food hall, put it on your calendar to do in April.

Party in the Park is back on April 22 at Marcy Casino

If you’re in need of a wedding planner or need some DIY tips for your big day, MuseJar is hosting a Secrets of the Trade DIY event on 4/24. For more details check out the Facebook event page.

One event I’d like to attend this year is the Knox Farm Spring Art Fest taking place at the end of the month – April 29- May 1


The Trio Bringing Healthy Back to Buffalo

A new place I am a big, big fan of and excited to share with you is up on the blog today. Learn more about Bootleg Bucha and the trio who make the operation work!


{Todd, Heather & Jeff}

Bootleg Bucha opened its doors at 364 Connecticut Street in November. For Heather, Todd and Jeff the home brewing began a long time ago in their homes, providing a healthy beverage to family and friends and with the popularity of kombucha growing it left them no other option than to expand.

All 3 have been friends for a number of years and they offer something no one else in Buffalo does. So what is kombucha? It is a fermented tea that originated in East Asia and is known for its healing properties.

Bootleg Bucha’s kombucha is brewed and organic evaporated cane sugar and Scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) are added during the fermentation process. After 2-3 weeks the fermented tea is flavored with juices, extracts and herbs, then undergoes a secondary fermentation. The end result is a healthy light carbonated beverage full of antioxidants, amino acids, Vitamin B and more!

So who does what within the company? Todd takes the lead in marketing and social media, Heather creates the delicious and wide variety of flavors and Jeff brews the tea. All three take part in working at the shop with the help of Meghan who is there almost, if not every day.

bootleg bucha 1

What are their favorite flavors? Heather enjoys the Ginger Lime Cayenne and Todd’s is the plain. The popular flavor among customers is their Tart Cherry Mint (its soooo good!!)

Why did they start their own business? What do they love about this area? For Heather and Jeff, they lived in Chicago for a few years and new Buffalo was home, coming back here and seeing all the growth was exciting and they knew they wanted to be a part of it. For Todd a lot of his friends left the area after college and he wanted to give them a reason to come back. The energy and collaboration among local businesses (i.e. at Horsefeathers Market) is great. Working and collaborating together has helped form friendships amongst one another.

For Jeff, Heather and Todd living in the area helped them chose their business location – the West Side of Buffalo is up and coming and there is a lot to offer in the neighborhood.

So when I asked what Bootleg Bucha wants to be known for, the response was:

“Bringing Healthy Back” Buffalo is known to be one of the unhealthiest places – we have delicious food and we are finally beginning to incorporate healthier options around town. Buffalo is in a better place than 5 years ago, and its because of new businesses like Bootleg Bucha that it’s only going to get better and they are happy to be a part of that.


What are some other things you should know about Bootleg Bucha?

{Just a Blonde in Buffalo Photos}








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