This week kicks off a week of me showcasing some of the best up and coming young women in Buffalo who have chose to pursue their dreams in their hometown.

While starting your own business and following your dreams anywhere can be difficult, you read and hear about a lot of people from this particular area leaving because the area isn’t thriving like it once did back in the early 1900’s, but for these young women they believe in the area and are excited for the future.

Bon Appetit by Chef DJ
Bon Appetit by Chef DJ
Seared scallops, sweet potato polenta, sautéed baby arugula, pickled daikon radish & onion

Today I am talking about Danielle Jakubowski aka Love Chef DJ.


Danielle has always loved to help in the kitchen, from an early age she was preparing meals with her Mom and Grandma. As she got older she continued to spend her time in the kitchen and realized she wanted to pursue her career in the Culinary Arts. She began studying at Erie Community College and during that time she landed her first formal cooking position in town at Shango Bistro. From there she was encouraged by her professors to attend a more technical school in NYC. She attended the French Culinary Institute for four years. After that time she moved back to Buffalo and returned to Shango Bistro moving up, as a Sous Chef.

Cooking, for Danielle, is a sense of calm. She really enjoys cooking because “food warms people’s souls. When people enjoy your food you get an instant return on the hard work time and love you put into it.”

It is Danielle’s mission to get more people in the kitchen and out of the fast food restaurants, making people more knowledgeable and conscious about the benefits of healthy eating and home cooked meals. “I love that Buffalo is a city in which people really take pride in living here. Buffalo, as a community, shows strong support for our local sports teams, businesses, entrepreneurs and restaurants. Investing in our local businesses is essential to make any community thrive. It builds interpersonal relationships that promote – and result in- upliftment and a pleasant place to live.”

Chef DJ offers a wide array of services:

  • Personal Chef Services
  • Private Dinners
  • Catering
  • Cooking Classes
  • Canning Classes
  • Cheese Education Classes
  • Personal Grocery Shopper Services
  • Baking Classes

Danielle focuses on whole foods, making food that is approachable to the pickiest of eaters while leaving the processed foods behind. Danielle’s meals are always fresh and made from scratch and based off of the seasonal produce and cuisine.

To contact Danielle you can email her at: OR call her by phone at (716) 279.7293

Follow her on Twitter: @lovechefdj

Follow her on Instagram: lovechefdj

If you’re looking for healthy, delicious food Danielle is the Chef to call. You won’t be disappointed!


“Cook with love”
Lobel’s Wagyu filet, Serrano ham & vegetable farroto, leek ribbons
It’s citrus season! Most people think that citrus is synonymous with warm weather, but citrus season is actually in the cooler months. Buy citrus that feels firm and heavy for its size. Last night I made a salad from mesclun, grapefruit segments, toasted walnuts, feta & shaved fennel. I dressed the salad with a vinaigrette made from grapefruit juice, honey & olive oil and finished the salad with a balsamic reduction. #chefdj #lovechefdj #privatechef