Last month my Mom stopped by to help me can tomatoes – an activity I remember doing this with her, my Grandma and Aunts when I was younger. With the colder temperatures approaching I thought it was the perfect time to can some tomatoes – I’ll use them for my Mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce recipe, homemade chili and other warm winter foods.

We started out with a bushel of tomatoes that made us {me} 11 full mason jars – perfect amount for a single lady on her own! The part I remember disliking the most was when the tomatoes came out of the boiling hot water and you have to peel them right away – I remember my fingers not liking that part and they still don’t! haha.


{Step 1: Line table or counter with newspaper and get bushel of tomatoes}


{Step 2: Cut out core and prep for hot water}


{Step 3: In the water you go – just enough time to get the first layer soft enough to peel off}


{Step 4: Peel off the top layer of skin and put in mason jar – my least favorite part}



{Step 5: Clean rim of jars, seal with lids, put in hot water for 40-50 minutes to seal, store and use whenever needed}

Overall it was a nice Sunday morning/early afternoon spent with my Mom. Not only did it bring back childhood memories, its was a day where we made new memories together in my new home, which is a gift in itself.



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