{Harlie and her new friend Baxter hitting the trails at Knox Farms}

Harlie went on her second play date with her new friend Baxter Monday night. What was special about this play date was she was going to her first dog park! When we arrived Baxter and Harlie walked the trails on the property of Knox Farm before heading into the dog park area. Having not known what to expect, I was pretty nervous, they had two sides; one for the smaller dogs and puppies and the other for bigger dogs. I took her into the small dogs side where she was the biggest dog, but also got along really well with the others.


{At the dog park at Knox Farms}


{Just checking things out}

I don’t know how other dog parks are, but the Knox Farm dog park was nice, they had buckets of water, a hose and some tennis balls and Frisbees, I was impressed and I think Harlie was too, when it was time to leave she wouldn’t get in the car.


{Running around and having some fun with Baxter}


{Saying goodbye to one another}

She had a great time with her new friend Baxter and can’t wait to head back to the Knox soon!


{Mom I don’t want to go}


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

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