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The greatest gift we can ever have is the ability to be loved and give love back. It is something that has such an impactful meaning and feeling that everyone should be able to have that in their life. Whether it is love for your family and friends, your significant other or a hobby you enjoy. In todays society, Valentine’s Day is so over commercialized with chocolates, flowers, jewelry and other random gifts that you are told you should get, but in reality, spending time with the person who is important to you, is all that really matters. While you can be one that buys gifts for someone special in your life, you can also give a gift of just spending time together. Whether it be going out to brunch or dinner or going to the theater, creating new memories is more valuable than any material gift you can receive.

On that note, here are 5 places you could spend your Valentines Day weekend:

Wild About You at the Buffalo Zoo

Brunch at Left Bank

Shop Crafts All You Need Is love event

A fun Starry Night Hike at Tifft Nature Preserve

Casablanca at the Screening Room


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