“Every girl is a little bit lace and a little bit day.” – Lace & Day


Emily and Holly owners of Lace & Day

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Last week I was lucky enough to sit down with the sister duo – Emily and Holly from Lace and Day. We chatted about the space, product, and service and why they chose to open their own business. They also shared some exciting news with me!

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Both women have a handful of talent and experience in their field. They both have lived and traveled around the world working in typical career like jobs before opening Lace & Day. Emily previously worked in a lingerie store for a few years and Holly always knew she wanted to own her own business. So in October of 2015 that dream became a reality.

Lace & Day is about bringing high end bras and lingerie items to the Buffalo area along with offering the services to fit you properly. It is about helping make the customer feel comfortable in their own skin. Most women aren’t in the right bra size and at Lace & Day they get to know you and what your daily activities are; do you work in an office all day? do you work at a gym? whatever it is that you do, they listen to their customer to help fit them properly.

When I asked if one sister focuses on a certain area of the business over another Emily said she focuses more on the buying and finances side of things and Holly focuses on the HR, operations and marketing side of things. At the end of the day, they both work together on strategy and as a team make the decisions together.


So how did Lace & Day end up in Allentown  you ask? When Holly and Emily were looking for their space they knew they wanted to be downtown and knew Lace & Day was going to be a destination place. When they landed the building that is now home to Lace & Day, they knew it was the perfect fit. Growing up in Allentown, their business is close to their childhood home – making it a homecoming.

I asked them, what advice they would give someone who is looking to open their own business and they said you have to want to deal with the “business of the business.” As a business owner you have to love what you want to do. Owning a business is not easy, you need to have a business plan and you must be organized. They also mentioned you spend a good portion of your time running the business, its not about one particular piece of the puzzle, but the whole puzzle you need to focus on. And you should surround yourself with the right team.  Emily and Holly are exceptional women and so are the staff and vendors they work with.


During our conversation I asked them of any exciting things taking place and they certainly did have some exciting news! On Thursday, they are headed to Paris to celebrate one of their vendors 70th Anniversary’s in the business. Along with that, they will be going to some amazing, one of a kind shows, learning about new lines and products to bring back to Buffalo. They will also be paying a visit to the headquarters of one of their product lines in Breast, France. You can stay up to date on the new and exciting things they will be learning through their Instagram and Facebook accounts!


Lace and Day has only been open for 3 1/2 months and these women feel the love from the community. When I asked them what they love best about this area, they couldn’t say enough great things about their family and their customers. They also couldn’t say enough about the Allentown community. Café 59, Franklin Salon, Fat Bob’s, Buffalo Proper, the list goes on. The community has made them feel warm and welcoming and they feel the love. They have great neighbors and a great neighborhood and they want their customers to capture that when they pay a visit to them.

When I arrived to Lace and day, Holly gave me a tour of the store. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and beautiful. It’s classy and simple. The downstairs is filled with sleepwear, panties and men’s boxer briefs from Saxx. Upstairs is the Tree House room – a room where men and women can relax and drink a beer, read a magazine and just hang out, while your friend or loved one are getting fitted. Its a room that is their to make you feel comfortable while you wait. Down the hall from the Treehouse Room are the spacious fitting rooms, where the fittings takes place.


Emily and Holly are truly amazing women who have brought not only product like no other, but service and experience to an area that was lacking a upscale lingerie and bra fitting store to Western New York. As a customer you will walk out feeling more support, more beautiful and more confident in yourself. And to me, that is a priceless gift these women leave you with.

For more information on Lace & Day, to host a private party {yes, private party!} and to follow along on their Paris trip make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Oh – and they have a parking lot behind their building! Free parking, its doesn’t get any better!


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