Did you know the Polish language is the third most popular language to be spoken in Western New York after English and Spanish. That’s a little fun fact for you today that goes right in hand with my post.

pierogi 4

Over the holidays my friend Annette was nice enough to teach me how to make homemade pierogi. I am not a cook at all and I didn’t have high hopes for myself, but with a great teacher I realized making pierogi isn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. You just have to be delicate with the dough {at least I do}. From the filling, to making the dough, to cooking and freezing the pierogi, all it took were a few simple steps.


pierogi making

{ready for the filling- sorry the recipe is top secret!}

pierogi making 2

pierogi 3

{concentrating on folding the pierogi}

As we approach this new year one thing I am focusing on doing more of is learning new things. Instead of pushing it to the side and saying I will learn to do something eventually, I’m focusing on doing things in the present. Not waiting, because life is just to short and I have a long list of things I’d like to do.

Well some may think learning to make pierogi isn’t anything exciting or riveting enough to write about, in my opinion the new things we learn don’t have to be a “huge” activity to learn to be excited about something. If its new to you that should be enough to make you happy that you learned something new {if that makes sense}. With that said, thank you Annette for showing me how to make pierogi!

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  1. You’re most welcome B!! I think it’s so important to keep not only cultural traditions, but family traditions going. It was a pleasure for me to show you! 🙂

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