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Still looking to get into the holiday spirit? I think I have something that can help… the Hamburg Fairgrounds Festival of Lights. Sunday night my sister and I took my niece to see the “light spectacular.” Upon entering the grounds you turn your radio to 87.9 to listen to the festive music while driving along the path seeing all of the different displays on hand.

Once the drive is over you have the opportunity {if you want} to walk around the grounds to check out Santa, the merry go round, Christmas Tree Park and the Igloo building where there are a bunch of different ice sculptures on display. You can even order a cocktail at the ice bar or watch the ice sculpture demonstration that takes place.

it was a fun event and helped me get into the Christmas spirit {something I have been lacking a little}. The Festival of Lights continues through the rest of this week {click here for the schedule and more details}.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


One tip: Dress according to the weather, if you are walking around on the grounds or enter the Igloo building it is a little chilly.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photo}



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