The Holidays are busy for everyone and this year is no different. Even though I have thought of shopping I had yet to start until last week when my friend Jen and I went for a stroll down Elmwood. I’m a big fan of supporting local and giving thoughtful and creative gifts. So below are a few of the shops we stopped into. While it was very hard for me to not stop at clothing boutiques to shop for me, it was nice to visit shops I don’t go to on a regular basis.


First stop was The Treehouse – a store filled with tons of toys for those special children in your life.


The second stop on the walk was Fern + Arrow – a new store on Elmwood and my first time there, I was super excited because its owned by one of my favorite business owners in Buffalo. Offering some clothing and jewelry it also provides a lot of home décor and knick knacks.


Ro is another shop we stopped at, providing a lot of furniture options. If you don’t see something for you, speak with the staff as a lot of the pieces are locally made and they can work with you to make exactly what you’re looking for.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

An Elmwood classic – Everything Elmwood offers an array of gifts from ornaments, clothing and other home goods making it a great place to stop and look around.

Happy Shopping!





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