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Making my way to the beautiful East Aurora, I walked into Musejar for the first time and literally shouted out how much I loved the space and just stood there for a minute to take it all in. So if you didn’t know already today I am featuring Vanessa from MUSE Jar on the blog as a Woman Who Moves Buffalo because of her pure creativity and passion she has brought into the Western New York community.

Majoring in the film industry in NYC Vanessa moved back home and started working at Red Fish Art Studio {located next door to Musejar}. While she was there she noticed that there weren’t any art supply stores in the area and decided to open shop.

2+ years later things are only getting bigger and better for her. Not only does Musejar offer a wide variety of supplies {paint brushes, chalk spray paint, Rublev Natural Paint Pigment, etc.}, but she also hosts an array of art classes {public and private} , parties for all ages {Birthday, Bridal, Holiday, etc.} and collaborates with a lot of local businesses in and out of East Aurora on a number of events. And if you don’t see an art supply you need, she can order them for you!

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Outside of her store, Vanessa does offer offsite lessons and parties – she has done workshops with Fisher Price and has started working with Mandala School in East Aurora to help fill a void with art programs being cut. Her business is a great space to go, for those who still want to get a great art experience.

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When asked what some of her favorite areas of her business are, she said she loves the farm-to-table events and wants to grow them more, hoping to make it more of a retreat and offering the full experience. She loves events where she can collaborate with other people and businesses. “The possibilities are endless when you can work with more people.” Hosting kids birthday parties are also a favorite of Vanessa’s. “The raw creativity that comes out of it is amazing.” Being surrounded by creativity everyday keeps her very inspired. Instructors and students who walk through these doors, they are all a daily inspiration for her.

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When I asked her what she loves about Western New York she said she loves the East Aurora community, everyone is very supportive of one another and help each other to succeed. The town is changing and evolving and people are being open-minded. Being here is exciting, young families are moving back and the area feels like a “little Brooklyn.”

There are a number of things about MUSEjar that I love, but the one that sticks out the most is that it’s one of a kind. Vanessa taps into areas that you don’t normally think of. When talking with Vanessa she gives off a great energy and you can tell she loves what she does and is passionate in her work. I asked her what MUSEjar means and she said an inspirational jar. She wants people to walk in the store and get inspired, by the supplies, artwork and environment. The goal is to have the store be one large jar of inspiration and it certainly was for me.

Stop by the Holiday Market event she is hosting on December 19th during the East Aurora Carolcade. Come before, during or after the event to check out her shop and the other participating vendors. Let’s help make this a destination spot to visit every year.

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