Saturday I had two of my very good friends back in town and it has been a while since they’ve seen Canalside, so being the big “Buffalove” advocate I am, we went down to Canalside for the afternoon. The Saturday Artisan Market was in full effect along with live music from a variety of bands throughout the day. We grabbed ice cream from Clinton’s Dish, went over to put our name on the 3.5 hour water bike list {which we didn’t end up doing} and took some touristy pictures with Shark girl.

shark girl

We ended up taking the Queen City Ferry over to the Outer Harbor where I showed Michelle and Shanna the Lighthouse before heading back to take them to Buffalo Riverworks where we ended the day. For me, I think I take advantage of Canalside and the development in downtown sometimes because I work down here and I see it on a daily basis.  To have both my Buffalo friends say how they can’t believe how quickly the area has changed reminded me of how lucky we are to have these exciting things taking place.

Until next time…


queen city ferry

{Just enjoying the Queen City Ferry Ride}


{Canalside on a Saturday}




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