Today on the blog I’m sharing my excitement and love for Revolution Buffalo, a newer indoor cycling studio located on Delaware Ave. Check it out below!

rev buf 5

{ “We are not tired, we are strong” – Rachel McCrone }

Behind these green doors are three women who are strong, smart, talented, an inspiration and above all else, kind. They have created a positive atmosphere that no one can break and its called Revolution Indoor Cycling {or as I call it Revolution Buffalo}. Rachel, Amanda and Colleen took on this new adventure, a fitness studio that combines these three things :: Mind, Body and Community.

I had the privilege of taking a class this past Saturday with Rachel before interviewing Colleen and I was scared and excited. I didn’t know what to expect. While I’ve taken spin classes before I was opening my world to something brand new – TRX and let me tell you, what an awesome class it was! It was tough, but fun!

All three women met through the fitness industry and mutual friends and have wanted to open their own studio. Amanda and Rachel were the masterminds behind the project and reached out to Colleen to join in on the fun! What makes Revolution Buffalo different from other studios in the area is they want to be a part of something big. Not only do they offer intimate classes, everyone who attends a class has something in common, they want to be healthy.

Revolution promotes “an active lifestyle, social engagement and community good.” So even though they are known for and pride themselves on a combination of both spinning and TRX, after you take a class you can go down the street and volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House with them. Its about doing something different,  spreading good vibes in the community after you spend an hour working out together.

What I found exciting during my interview with Colleen was, she is from Rochester and came to Buffalo for school and once she arrived, she didn’t leave. When I asked her what she loves best about this area she said it has to be the people. She said she feels more at home and part of a family here. We are a special community and we latch onto other good people and create great things. She also added she enjoys the food and entertainment this area offers.

If you take anything away from this post today take away this: Revolution Buffalo has amazing clientele. It doesn’t matter if you’re the fittest of the fit {if that makes sense} or if you’re just starting out, you are accepted for you! All three women make you feel comfortable and motivate you! When you end you workout and leave Revolution you not only feel great about yourself, you have a better outlook on your day ahead. It creeps out into all aspects of your life and that’s that biggest takeaway anyone could have.

Revolution offers a lot of amenities –  a shower with all of the bells and whistles {local toiletries from Renew Bath & Body, shower towels, hair ties, blow dryer, mouthwash, q-tips – anything you may forget and need to get ready post workout}. They also clean all of the equipment after each class for each client. These are little things that add up and help clients get back to their families, jobs and homes faster and more efficiently.

On top of the pretty amazing amenities Revolution offers, they have student and military discounts among other specials you can find on their website. They will also be hosting Rev Community events and challenges throughout the year so the best thing to do is follow them on social media {Facebook, Twitter, Instagram}.

From the moment I walked into Revolution Buffalo I was greeted with smiles, hand shakes and hugs. All three women are amazing in their own way and offer something unique to the business they’re in. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share their story and have them in my life. Not only do they do great things for the fitness world, they are doing great things in the community. If you haven’t taken a class with them or are looking for a place to go, I highly suggest Revolution. From the moment you walk through the doors you’ll fall in love and feel stronger with each step you take.

Thank you ladies for letting me share your story!




{The wonderful Colleen, showing us some work on the ropes}


{I love the décor they have in their studio}



{The studio}


{Amanda getting her spin class ready to ride}