It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to spending some quality Mother/Daughter time with my Mom tonight at the Billieve event in the Falls. Tomorrow its off to Fall Fest in Ellicottville and Sunday we are back home at the Ralph. Its a busy weekend, but I’m looking forward to the memories that will be made. Enjoy!


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It’s nice to walk down Main St. and get a nice cup of coffee at the Buffalo Coffee Roastery. The staff is always so friendly there.

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A view of my city. The Metro Rail Downtown.

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Catching up with Jeni, by taking a nice stroll down Hertel this past week. I love the Elephant we stumbled upon {and the trunk is up!}

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Snapping a little “selfie” at the Albright Knox’s First Friday. See my thoughts on it next week!

lacey home

Lacey was home this past weekend so of course that called for happy hour at Cantina Loco! I love this photo captured of us.

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  1. Hey Beth,

    I love the way you always start your blog honoring your Mom or Dad. You are absolutely right……..those will be the memories you will cherish forever. My Dad passed away 2 years ago this month, and we just lost my Mom (who was my best friend) suddenly this April. It has been a very difficult time. However, when I read this blog, it reminds me of my memories with my Mom and Dad. So thank you, and keep on making such great memories! You are a wonderful Daughter. Elaine

    • Hi Elaine!

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your parents. I can’t even imagine what I would do without out mine in my life right now. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! Have a wonderful weekend!


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