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Oh the Places I will Go…To Ski High Adventure Park

sky high 2

Continuing on with facing my fears and taking more adventures, this past Saturday my friend Annette and I went to tackle the Sky High Adventure Park at Holiday Valley. While I am deathly afraid of heights I knew this would be a challenge, a BIG one! I didn’t want to let my fear win though, so I sucked it up and focused on the task at hand, living a little and enjoying the moment.

While I only accomplished the yellow courses (which were the easiest ones) I was proud that I did that. Annette was a great friend to take with, encouraging me, motivating me and telling me not to give up {I definitely needed that a couple times}. For $48 you get to zip line and climb through the forest for 3 hours. For an additional $3 you can purchase a roller coaster ride that takes you up a hill on what I like to call a bob sled and you control the speed on the way down {it was actually pretty fun}.

The weather was beautiful and it made for a great Saturday activity. Once you have your harness on {trained staff make sure you are properly sung} you take what I would say was a 15 minute crash course with a staff member.  They go over all the instructions on how to use your carabiner clips and the do’s and don’ts of the park. Along with staff being on the ground helping people through the courses you can also walk below and follow along to take pictures and check out the other courses before climbing your way through them.

There are so many courses to try at Sky High that you simply couldn’t complete them all in 3 hours {unless you were a pro and no one else was in the park}. Each course typically takes about 30 minutes -45 minutes depending on how many people are on that course. Guests who don’t want to take part in the courses have the opportunity to stay back at the lodge and play putt-putt, ping pong, corn hole or read a nice book on the patio.

While standing on one of the platforms, just about to walk across one of the ropes with my legs visibly shaking {literally, even ask Annette}, I couldn’t let fear win. While there were moments I wanted to give up and just get back on the ground, I would have regretted that decision in the long run. I’m looking forward to going back next year and completing another level, a more difficult one and continuing to face my fears.

For more information {times, pricing, etc.} on Sky High Adventure Park click here.


sky high 1

{ Thanks Annette for taking these photos of me during the course }

sky high 3

{ Pictures of various courses and the grounds around the park }

sky high 4

{ Facing fears and be adventurous! Post celebrations took place at Ellicottville Brewing Co. }

Friday Favorites!

I’m looking forward to a weekend full of new adventures and seeing some of my closest friends who are in town. The weather is going to be beautiful and here’s hoping the Bills get a win on the road!



{ These are two words that go such a long way }


{ Antique cars on display from the Pierce Arrow Museum }


{ Go Bills }


{ I love this }


{ A little “creativity” at work }

What’s a Bash Without the Brews


This past weekend Coca-Cola Field was home to over 50 breweries who were sampling some of the best craft brews around Western New York and beyond. Ballpark Brew Bash not only offered a wide array of beer, but it also provided local food from 5 food trucks, games of all sorts and a unique experience to walk on the field, making it the perfect place to snap some Instagram pictures.

Each year the event grows and grows and with the ever so popular craft breweries on the rise in Western New York, I can only see this event growing bigger and better in the years to come.

A few of my favorite spots that night were: Resurgence Brewing Company, Black Bird Cider Works and Brooklyn Brewery.





This Friday the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is hosting their Gala at the Gardens. For ticket information and time click here.


Fall is finally upon us and there are so many nice spots to go to in Western New York. One place in particular is Becker Farms. From pumpkins and wine tasting to picking in-season fruits and vegetables, you and your family/friends will be entertained during your whole visit.


Yay! To Buffalo Beer Week! Starting Friday a variety of restaurants and breweries will be taking part in beer related activities. The best part is you have a whole week to pick a day that works in your schedule! For a complete list of events click here.

polar bites pre party

This Thursday, come see yours truly at Resurgence Brewery. The Buffalo Zoo’s Pro Zoo Board is hosting a Polar Bites Pre-Party from 6-8pm. $25 includes open bar and a free sandwich coupon to the Whole Hog Food Truck. Money from this event will benefit Polar Bites 2015. To purchase your tickets for Thursday click here.

Observing Fans…


Monday’s are always not that great, but they especially stink after a Bills loss. While there were some highlights to Sunday’s game {specifically, Lee Evans leading the charge} there are some things I observed at the game and am now voicing my opinion on….brace yourself.  Let me mention I’ve noticed these following things multiple times before.

1. Fans that wear jerseys of teams not playing { i.e; wearing a Patriots jersey to a Bills vs. Chargers game}. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for fans showing their pride for the teams they like, but I’ve never understood why people do this.

2. The fans who constantly get up from their seats 20 million times {yes I’m exaggerating, sort of} during the game. The whole point of you being at the game is to watch and cheer on your team, not to go back and forth from your seat to the concourse.

3. The annoying and sometimes ignorant {yes I said it} fans who meet up with friends and squeeze multiple people into 3 seats and aren’t considerate of others around them. I’m all for meeting up and saying hi to your friends, but never understood cramming a bunch of people all together. If you’re going to the game together and don’t want to be separated then get seats ALL TOGETHER! Yes, I understand based on availability that may not always be an option, but then plan to meet during certain times during the game somewhere.

4. I’m all about pride and cheering on your team, but when one or two plays don’t go the way you want and fans start screaming ridiculous things, well to me it gets a little annoying. As a fan I want my team to get the big win just as much as you, but  do people think screaming things that don’t make sense out during a game will make it better?

Maybe I’m being to harsh or crazy, but those are my 4 pet peeves at a football games. What are some of your pet peeves?

Go Bills!





Friday Favorites!

Its Friday and we are just a few short hours from the weekend. Have a great one!



{ Receiving “snail mail” is one of my favorite things in the world. Hand written notes go a long way in my book. I love this postcard I received from Lacey this past week }

image{ I love the upstairs of Spot Coffee in Orchard Park. Comfy and cozy making it a perfect place to grab a cup of coffee }


{ Nothing beats fresh sushi from Papaya }


{ The first sign I saw arriving to Bills Country this past Sunday }

A Sweet Taste of Seafood


{Photo credit: Just a Blonde in Buffalo}

The other night my friend Nicole and I met for dinner and drinks at the newly renovated Waldorf Astoria building which now is home to Oshun Restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner, Oshun has an oyster bar and variety of seafood selections.

Recommended by our waitress, Nicole and I picked 3 small plates to share {Clams, Mussels and Calamari}. The mussels and calamari were both our favorites, sweet and a little spicy. The clams were ok, but left a “fishy” after taste.  We also ordered dessert – I’m not a big dessert person, but the warm cookies with salted pretzels and homemade vanilla ice cream was the second best decision after the Malbec wine I had ordered!

Overall, I loved the history that was used as part of the “art deco” décor. Add that element with the food and great company and it makes for a nice evening out!



{Oyster bar}




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