Month: June 2014

Friday Favorites!

This week has felt long. Period. I don’t understand why some people feel that being rude is the way to go if a problem arises. While I know there are many nice people in this world, there are also a lot of mean and miserable people too. I have to try not to let the actions of others bother me, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

On a “brighter” note tomorrow is the big day, my first half marathon and I am all sorts of emotions, happy, excited, anxious, very nervous and even a little scared. While this week wasn’t horrible it wasn’t the best either, but these few things made my days a little brighter.

“Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most”



{ Buffalo has some beautiful summer sunsets #BuffaloforReal }

photo 1

{ A package arrived full of pink goodies #ShopSweetLuLu has the best stuff. Make your party pretty}

photo 2

{ Call me old school, but I will always enjoy receiving letters and cards in the mail }

photo 3

{ My drive into work everyday, the architecture in the city of Buffalo is beautiful }

photo 4

{ USA, my festive shoes for the World Cup games }


elmwood village

Check out the summer concert series on Elmwood and Bidwell this season. 7pm on Tuesdays.


The Celebrity Basseye Tournament is this Thursday and Friday. For more info click here.


This Saturday the 50 Year Finish is taking place. My first half marathon, I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. Can’t wait for it!


Check out the Ooo La La Fashion Truck and other vendors at the Intune Festival in Williamsville this Saturday.


An event I didn’t get to go to last year and am looking forward to this year. City of Night down by Silo City is from 4-1am. Can’t wait to check it out!

Allentown Art Fest Recap

A couple weeks back my sister, niece and friend Jen attended the Allentown Art Fest. It was a beautiful day and it seemed like they incorporated some new vendors into the mix which was nice to see. While I only usually go to browse, I actually bought a custom Buffalove Mason glass and Buffalo t-shirt. All in all is was a great community event that showcased a lot of talent.




art fest 1

allentown art fest

#WorldCup2014 Canalside Buffalo


Sunday Canalside Buffalo held a viewing for the USA vs. Portugal game. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was great and the game was, well so-so. Its great to see a “little” life come back to downtown and what’s even more better is to see all the activities starting to take shape down at canalside.

There were a lot of people who turned out to view the World Cup Soccer game on the big screens, the Cheesy Chick food truck and beverage tents were on hand as well. While I think the viewing screens could have been a little bigger it was nice they were allowing people to bring in their own food and drink, some brought the family down and had picnic’s set up. Those people were smart because they didn’t have to wait in long lines.

There was even what I am calling a “Buffalove” tent set-up for people to purchase Buffalo shirts and pictures. For putting the event together in just a couple days, the turnout was great and people not only showed their American pride in Red, White and Blue, but they showed their Buffalo pride too.




canal 1

canal 3


Friday Favorites

Here’s to another week that has ended and another weekend that is about to begin. Enjoy the beautiful weather!



{ I don’t like posting pictures of my niece on here for personal reasons, but this picture of her with me at the Allentown Art Festival was to cute not to post, love her! }

fruit drink

{ I love anything that has to do with mason jars, my friend Kate’s bridal shower was so beautiful this past weekend }

jo jo's

{ I love this accent wall at JoJo’s Bistro Bar in Williamsville, its a wall with a variety of different wine labels }

river fest

{ Buffalo River Fest Park on Ohio St. has beautiful views of the grain elevators and water, one pretty place to visit in the summer }




Today Delaware Park is going to be filled with thousands of people for the annual JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. Good luck to everyone participating!


Tonight kicks off the first play being held by Shakespeare in Delaware Park this summer. Come out for a free performance of Henry V. Performances take place Tuesday through Sunday at 7:30pm.


The annual 5K Stiletto Run is taking place down on Canalside Friday evening. People – guys and gals “dress” up in some high heels and race to the finish line. Check out this fun event if you have the chance!


While I don’t think the New York Power Authority would have events going on, the Niagara Power Project Visitors Center offers the opportunity to experience interactive exhibits like how much power goes into Niagara Falls and observation decks for guests to look out. What a neat place to go with your children or even as adults!

Taking a Breather…

take sometime

My intentions for todays post were to talk about the Allentown Art Festival that I attended over the weekend, but I decided to opt out of that and just write about something completely having nothing to do with Buffalo or Western New York. Instead its just how I’ve been feeling lately and who knows maybe you have to.

The last few weeks have felt more busy than normal and this year I told myself that I was going to try to not take on as much and learn to “relax” a little more. Well …we are 6 months into 2014 and while I feel like I’ve done more things for “me,” I have also felt at times rushed, drained and run down.

I mean everyone feels “run down” at times and its always good to just take a step back and take some time for yourself. Anyone who says they don’t take time for themselves, well I just don’t buy it.

As I type I feel a little defeated. Defeated in the sense that I just don’t have the energy. I’m the first to admit I try and do as much as I can when I can, not only because I enjoy going to new places and meeting new people, but I also like to talk about it on my blog and with my friends and family. Its a part of my personality. But as summer officially approaches us at the end of the week I’m going into this season with a different mindset; to do things I really want to do and not just “go through the motions,” but to really enjoy living in the moment.

Because summers feel so short in Buffalo, I feel like we try to pack in as much as we can so we can get the most out of these warmer months, but at the end of the day if we really can’t enjoy what we’re doing then maybe we should take a step back and focus on what matters at that time.

Whatever it is that you do or whenever you feel like you’re “run down” remember to take time to breath. Everyone deserves some “me” time.


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