Located in the heart of the East Side of Buffalo stands a 125 year business. The Broadway Market. The market has served as a place where immigrants flocked to as they looked for the continuation of old world customs in a new and unfamiliar environment. While they wanted the mainstream city life, they also sought to preserve their Eastern European traditions and heritage. The Broadway Market would prove to serve these needs quite well.

For myself it’s always been a pleasure to visit the Broadway Market. I grew up on Fillmore and since I was a little child I always visited the market, especially during Easter time. While I don’t get down to the market as often as I’d like to, I still enjoy walking around the building. You can feel the history that lies in the walls and those old world customs that fill the building. The only disappointment for me is seeing the dwindling neighborhood around the market. It isn’t nothing like it used to be when I was a little kid. Abandoned homes, graffiti, litter and police cars surround the market. While the market faces these challenges, it still is amazing that it has been around for 125 years.

Throughout the year their will be a variety of events taking place to highlight the history of the historic building. For more information you can find it here. The market serves as a place for local delis, candy shops, bakeries, specialty shops and services for the Broadway and Fillmore area.

I encourage anyone and everyone to visit the market at least once, whether you grew up in the area or not. You may find some unique “treasures” while your there.



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