Day 5 of the up and coming women in Buffalo series takes us to an amazing entertainer and DJ who loves Buffalo and is one of the most caring, fun and hard-working gals I know. Kiss 98.5’s On-Air Personality and Sales Promotion Coordinator, the wonderful, Shanna Montana.


Shanna originally attended Buffalo State College for Psychology and then after taking Psych 101 realized that wasn’t the route for her. She realized she needed something where she could talk to people and entertain them. From there, she changed her major to Media Production and started interning with the Kiss Morning Show. It was during that time that she realized she wanted to do this for the rest of her life.

You can catch Shanna on the radio during the weekends and making public appearances at a variety of different places and different times, but to do that you have to keep up to date with her at:

“I love everything about Buffalo! The food is amazing, our sports teams have a special place in my heart, and the people here are always great! Where else can you find all of those things?!”

Shanna is a one-of-a-kind DJ. She loves her work and has a true passion for radio and music in general. If you’re having a “blah” day and turn on the radio and Shanna’s on, you’ll instantly be in a better mood. She loves to make people happy. Do yourself a favor and listen to Kiss 98.5 and follow Ms. Montana on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be happy you did!

Like all the young women I wrote about this past week each one of them has a dream that they are pursuing, whether they stayed or left and came back to Buffalo, they believe in this City and all love something about this area. My hope for readers this past week is to inspire you to follow your dreams and to believe in this city, like the five ladies I wrote about do. Enjoy your weekend!


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